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Deadly Boss Mods

by Tandanu and Nitram

Deadly Boss Mods is a WoW addon that displays timers and warnings of raid bosses' spells and abilities.

It also supports arena and battleground timers including Arathi Basin flag captures, Warsong Gulch flag carrier, Alterac Valley graveyard and tower captures, as well as calculates the estimated time left for the battleground to close.

Deadly Boss Mods timers can be broadcasted via party, raid and battleground chats.

The addon supports auto-respond message if a character whispers you during boss fights, configurable with options such as request for fight status.

If you use and like Deadly Boss Mods, please help support its development by making a donation:

In-Game Commands:
- /dbm - Displays a window for addon setup.
- /dbm unlock - Displays a movable timer bar.
- /dbm ver - Performs checking of players with Deadly Boss Mods installed and displays the version.

For more information about Deadly Boss Mods, be sure to check out their official website.

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