Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions frequently asked by both new and experienced WowMatrix users.

What is WowMatrix?

WowMatrix helps you download, install and update from a selection of quality World of Warcraft AddOns created by your favorite AddOn authors from all over the world.

Is WowMatrix safe to use?

Yes, absolutely. We are probably even more paranoid about security than you are. That's one of the reasons we created our own software: so we can update our World of Warcraft AddOns easily without worrying about spyware or keyloggers.

In fact, WowMatrix comes with a security feature built-in that prevents executable files from being extracted from AddOn downloads. This eliminates the possibility of installing AddOns that contain harmful executable components.

For tips and recommendations on how to keep your gaming account and other personal details secure, visit our Safe Computing page.

Is WowMatrix really free to use?

Yes, it is. At this time, there are no plans to charge any fees. We originally created this software for ourselves and felt we really had to share it with the world since it saves people so many hours of precious time.

We're constantly adding new features to WowMatrix based on suggestions from thousands of happy users worldwide.

How do I install WowMatrix?

Simply download WowMatrix from our website, extract it from the zip file and place it anywhere you wish, such as on your desktop for easy access.

How do I un-install WowMatrix?

First, if you also wish to un-install any in-game WoW AddOns, open WowMatrix and use it to un-install them.

Next, to un-install WowMatrix itself: On a Mac or Linux computer, drag WowMatrix to the Trash. On Windows, drag WowMatrix to the Recycle Bin.

If you're on a Windows PC and get a "Destination Folder Access Denied" error message when trying to delete WowMatrix, please see this step-by-step solution.

Does WowMatrix require me to download additional software such as Python, Java or the .NET framework?

Not at all. WowMatrix is a simple, lightweight application. It will automatically install any necessary lightweight components (such as curl.exe, see next question) and does not require you to download or install any additional and bulky items such as Python, Java or the .NET framework.

What is 'curl.exe' and why does WowMatrix try to run it?

WowMatrix uses the 'curl.exe' (Curl) when performing certain operations, such as checking for the latest version of AddOns. It is safe to allow WowMatrix to automatically install and run 'curl.exe' if prompted by your security software.

Curl is a lightweight open-source command line tool for transferring files over the Internet. You can read more about Curl at their official website here. If you have a Mac running OS X, Curl is already included by Apple, so WowMatrix automatically uses the built-in version.

Does WowMatrix require admin privileges on my Windows PC?

WowMatrix does not normally require admin privileges on Windows.

However, if you are running Windows Vista or higher, and for some reason have World of Warcraft installed in the 'Program Files' folder (instead of the recommended default location specified by Blizzard during the installation), then WowMatrix will try to run with admin privileges because that is the only way to properly install WoW AddOns on such systems.

If this is the case for you, and you would like to avoid the annoying Vista/7/8 prompts due to WowMatrix running with admin privileges, you may wish to permanently move the entire the 'World of Warcraft' folder out of the 'Program Files' folder, as recommended by Blizzard. This will also resolve a number of Blizzard updater issues, if you've been experiencing those.

One or more of my WoW AddOns are not working.

Please see this step-by-step solution.

When I try to open WowMatrix, I get an error message stating that WowMatrix is unable to connect to the Internet.

Please see this step-by-step solution.

When I try to open WowMatrix, I get an error message 'WowMatrix for Windows has stopped working'.

Please see this step-by-step solution.

When I try to open WowMatrix, my Internet security or anti-virus software pops up a warning message.

This is a false positive caused by fake copycat phishing sites. Please see this page for details.

When I try to open WowMatrix on Linux/Ubuntu, either nothing happens, or no text is displayed in the window.

Please see this step-by-step solution.

I am getting sound issues with Ventrilo on Windows if I launch the game using WowMatrix.

Please see this step-by-step solution.

I have multiple copies of World of Warcraft on my computer. How do I run more than 1 copy of WowMatrix on the same computer?

Please see this step-by-step guide.

From what sources does WowMatrix download WoW AddOns?

WowMatrix checks for and downloads each WoW AddOn directly from that AddOn's official website, or from our AddOn update servers.

This helps ensure that each AddOn is kept up-to-date, benefiting both users and AddOn authors, who receive fewer support requests from users who would otherwise be running outdated versions of their AddOns.

We provide AddOn hosting on our servers for AddOns as requested by authors and users, as well as the ones that include free distribution rights (e.g. GPL, BSD, MIT, etc). We do not host unauthorized copyrighted material on our servers.

I use some WoW AddOns that are not part of the many that are already listed in WowMatrix. How do I get them supported by WowMatrix?

You may contact us at any time via the Feedback Form at our website. Please include the names of the AddOns and the webpage URLs from which you normally download the latest versions of the AddOns, and we will look into the possibility of having them supported by WowMatrix.

How do I exclude one of my installed AddOns from WowMatrix's version update checks?

Simply select the AddOn you'd like to ignore, then check the 'Ignore' box which can be found to the left of the 'Uninstall' button.

I am an AddOn author. How do I get my AddOn listed in WowMatrix?

Please visit our Addon Author information page for details.

Why do you display gold seller ads?

We do not display (and have never displayed) gold seller ads, nor do we recommend buying gold from gold sellers, as this violates Blizzard's terms and is generally frowned upon. The ads we display have nothing to do with gold sellers whatsoever.

I love WowMatrix! Is there anything I can do to help support this project?

Just tell all of your friends and guildmates about WowMatrix!

On our website and in the WowMatrix application, we recommend carefully selected quality and 100% legal guides such as leveling guides and gold guides. By purchasing any of these guides, you will help support this project as well.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact us at any time via the Feedback Form at our website.