Latest World of Warcraft AddOns for Patch 10.x

WowMatrix saves you hours of time. Before opening World of Warcraft, just fire up WowMatrix and let it update your WoW AddOns quickly and safely.

Here are some of the WoW AddOns supported by WowMatrix, with more being added daily:


by Saiket. Shows the faction and online status of released corpses.


by Saiket. AddOn development tools.


by Saiket. Graphs a more accurate latency measurement that includes server lag.


by Saiket. Integrates with _NPCScan to add map overlays for rare mob patrols.


by Burnum. Works with _NPCScan.Overlay and gives you a toggle button to show or hide it's Mini Map Overlay display.


by Saiket. A modular compilation of changes to the default UI and other mods.


by Saiket. Unicode input dialog. Also allows XML entity references in chat.


by Rilgamon. Collects tradeskill links of your chars so that you can use them on all chars.

AAV - atrox Arena Viewer

by zwacky. An arena replay AddOn that lets you record, view and broadcast arena matches. These arena matches can be viewed within WoW.


by Larok94. A German AddOn that translates abbreviations.


by urnati. Tracks your gold income and expenses.

Accountant Classic

by arith. A basic tool to track your monetary incomings and outgoings within WoW.

Accurate coordinates (DCOORDS)

by Darcey. A small lightweight coordinates AddOn.


by nikkodemus. Provides an easily readable glimpse into the cause of death for anyone in your raid or party.


by Shurshik. Reminds you about the associated achievements when you enter an instance or target a boss.

Action Bar Profiles (Saver)

by silencer2k. Allows you to setup and quickly switch between different profiles of your action bars. Similar to Action Bar Saver but uses GUI instead of chat commands.


by DrWiggly. Replaces the default 1-10 buttons in the WoW interface with a pad of 16 buttons located around ESDF movement.

Adapt - Almost-Default Animated PortraiTs

by Gello. Animates the unit frames for (nearly) any UI.


by efindel. Lets you easily create new /command emotes for all your characters.

Addon Control Panel

by sylvanaar. Adds the "Addons" button to the game's main menu. It allows you to manage your addons in game, with an interface which looks similar to the Blizzard addon manager.

Addon Manager

by Crepusculu. Features a scrollable table that lists every installed AddOn and its information.

Addon Mgr

by matthewf. Allows you to load or unload addons without logging out.


by Adirelle. Displays the content of your bags in one view, distributed into several sections using smart filters.

Advanced Trade Skill Window

by Slartibartfast. An improved window for your tradeskills.


by Darthyl. A complete replacement for the standard Blizzard macro/equipment set icon selector.


by ZacWolf. Audio Emotes This is the "root" add-on for the various soundbites plugin packages available.


by ZacWolf. Audio Emotes - Based on soundbites from the WonderWoman television series.


by Zasurus. Warns you when you have been set AFK.


by kagaro. ag_Pimpster, my customizable layout tool for ag This layout lets you adjust any element you want in the unit frame.


by andreasg. Customizable unit frame addon.


by morrigahn. A visual and audio aggro notification system.

AGT - Automatic Goblin Therapist

by Duugu. Automatically responds to annoying people who whisper you.


by iceeagle. Shows if someone has bid on an auction by adding a yellow "(bid)" text at the end of the item's name being auctioned.


by alar. Useful automation routines.


by alar. A helper AddOn for battlegrounds.


by alar. Dynamically creates a list of mini-cast buttons for all the spells you need to cast on a friendly target.


by Akeru. Creates a grid on your screen to aid you in aligning and centering your UI.


by LaoTseu. Displays the total time played, rested XP and money for each of your WoW characters.


by acapela. Allows you to customize and enchance how nameplates and nameplate casting bars appear in the game.


by dalewake, AnonDev, Telic. A semi-transparent worldmap overlay that does not interrupt character control.


by ZergRael. Helps you to keep an overview of your alts. Logs your ids, profession and weekly quests, dailies battleground, dailies instances and shows you a recap.


by MerialKilrogg. Joins the LFG channel automatically.

Am Dead - Music For The Dead

by Icecoldcoke. Plays music upon death, until you ressurect.

Amnith's Invite Broadcaster

by amnith. Broadcasts to the guild chat that invites for the given instance have started, and invites people whispering invite to you to your group/raid.


by vinotamu. Adds an interface to EPGP.


by Bethink. Collects information about the virtual economy and presents that information to the player.


by BDelacroix. Gives you one draggable button to use to open and close an array of buttons that gives you access to all of your tradeskills actions and hearthstone.

Angry Assignments

by Ermads, ywfn. Provides a convenient way to store and share assignments for different bosses, allows editing by multiple people, and is able to display the information to raiders in a configurable format.

Angry Keystones

by Ermads. Adds additional information to the Mythic Keystone objective tracker.


by atenhara. A graphical representation of rage for warriors and druids.

Announce Rare

by Crackpotx. Allows you to click a link when you target a rare, to announce its location to the General chat channel.


by velgiant. Lets you create messages to publish on desired channels, such as loot rules, VoIP connection info, guild messages, and the many other possibilities.


by AmiYuy. Automatically cancels Aspect of the Cheetah when you get dazed.


by Zogg. Provides gauge bars for a lot of things (such as XP, health, power, gold, honor, etc.), shown together in a simple frame.


by Kemayo. Adds a model of the item to its tooltip so you know if you want or have the appearance in your wardrobe collection.


by Aranarth. A data broker plugin.

Archaeology Helper

by arh. Shows Dig Sites on Minimap and Battlefield Minimap.


by nyyr, Nenie. Displays smooth arcs around your character in the middle of the screen to inform you about the health and power (mana, rage, ...) of you, your pet, and your target.

Archy - Archaeology Assistant

by daihenka. An assistant for Archaeologists that want information at their finger tips.

Ardent Defender

by conundrum4000, taykingova, mexicangangsta16. An AddOn for Protection Paladins.

Arena Announcer

by Nefrirr. Announces enemy and friendly buffs/debuffs that are important for PvP combat.

Arena History

by fortune_wow. Keeps track of stats for your arena games such as damage and healing, crowd control, kill targets, and more.


by Arkayenro. Automatically sorts inventory items into bars.


by Warmexx. Shows armory data, professions, quest logs and more for all of your characters on all realms. A possible replacement for Altoholic.


by Dridzt. Right-click on a player's name to get their armory link.

Artifact Progression Path

by fyhcslb. Shows a recommended artifact progression path in the Artifact frame.


by yellowfive. Gives you a list of the gems, enchants and reforges you need to make, as well as consolidating anything you need to buy into the shopping list.


by ASSFilter (Dirge and Anal Spam Filter). Filters the common [Dirge]/Anal [Item] spam and either colors it dark gray so that it's easy to ignore, or hides the spam completely.


by arith, deadca7, Dynaletik, Lothaer, maqjav, DiabloHu, Kiria, StingerSoft, dangilbert. Instance Map Browser

Atlas Battlegrounds

by arith, deadca7, Dynaletik, Lothaer, maqjav, DiabloHu, Kiria, StingerSoft, dangilbert. An Atlas plug-in that displays battleground maps.

Atlas Burning Crusade

by arith, deadca7, Dynaletik, Lothaer, maqjav, DiabloHu, Kiria, StingerSoft, dangilbert. An Atlas plug-in that displays dungeon maps from WoW Burning Crusade.

Atlas Cataclysm

by arith, deadca7, Dynaletik, Lothaer, maqjav, DiabloHu, Kiria, StingerSoft, dangilbert. An Atlas plug-in that displays dungeon maps for WoW Cataclysm.

Atlas Class Order Halls

by arith. An Atlas plug-in that displays maps for class order halls.

Atlas Classic WoW

by arith, deadca7, Dynaletik, Lothaer, maqjav, DiabloHu, Kiria, StingerSoft, dangilbert. An Atlas plug-in that displays dungeon maps from classic WoW.

Atlas Dungeon Locations

by arith, deadca7, Dynaletik, Lothaer, maqjav, DiabloHu, Kiria, StingerSoft, dangilbert. An Atlas plug-in that displays dungeon and location maps.

Atlas Legion

by arith. An Atlas plug-in that displays dungeon maps for Legion.

Atlas Mists of Pandaria

by arith, deadca7, Dynaletik. An Atlas plug-in that displays dungeon maps for Mists of Pandaria.

Atlas Outdoor Raids

by arith, deadca7, Dynaletik, Lothaer, maqjav, DiabloHu, Kiria, StingerSoft, dangilbert. An Atlas plug-in that displays outdoor raid encounter maps.

Atlas Scenarios

by arith, deadca7, Dynaletik. An Atlas plug-in that displays Scenario maps.

Atlas Transportation

by arith, deadca7, Dynaletik, Lothaer, maqjav, DiabloHu, Kiria, StingerSoft, dangilbert. An Atlas plug-in that displays transportation maps.

Atlas Warlords of Draenor

by arith, deadca7, Dynaletik. An Atlas plug-in that displays dungeon maps for Warlords of Draenor.

Atlas Wrath of the Lich King

by arith, deadca7, Dynaletik, Lothaer, maqjav, DiabloHu, Kiria, StingerSoft, dangilbert. An Atlas plug-in that displays dungeon maps for WoW Wrath of the Lich King.


by arith. An Atlas plug-in that displays the arena maps within Atlas map browser.


by arith. An Atlas plug-in that displays world events on the world map.

AtlasLoot Enhanced

by Hegarol, Daviesh, arith, Celellach, Kurax, Lag123. Allows for loot tables of bosses to be browsed whenever needed within the game. It can access full item tooltips, show drop rates, allow items to be chat linked and to use the dressing room.


by orgevo. Enhances AtlasLoot by providing additional search modes, enhancing existing search functionality, and more control over some of the common tasks in the loot browser.


by pceric. Adds a line to an item's tooltip showing where it drops. Uses AtlasLoot data.


by mystery8. Shows the Quests for the instance.


by Maat. Raid level sound warning for Atramedes in Blackwing Descent.


by shadowvall, Xit_Draka. Helps you find better gear at the auction house via Auctioneer using scores defined in Pawn. Requires both Auctioneer Suite and Pawn.


by exace. Creates a list of profitable gems to cut based on Auctioneer and BeanCounter information.


by exace. Allows Jewelcrafters to post gems created using the Jeweler AddOn.


by borjamacare. Provides additional tools and enhancements for the in-game auction house.


by MerialKilrogg. Tracks auction house data and improves the auction posting interface.


by Udorn. Compact auction house tool with many features.


by Alarisha. Tracks incoming and outgoing gold from a variety of sources.


by Kemayo. Allows you to add notes to your friends lists and synchronize them among your characters.


by starlon. Alerts you to buffs and debuffs by playing sounds or flashing the background a certain color.

Auracle (De)Buff Monitor

by taleden. Provides compact & customizable filtering, monitoring and grouping of buffs and debuffs.


by Rabbit. AuraToChat is a simple addon that enables you to print through Sink-1.0 (i.e.

Auto Safari Hat

by MMOSimca. Automatically equips your Safari Hat when fighting wild pets or battling Pet Tamers. Additionally, it automatically accepts quests, starts battles, and completes quests when you right-click on a Pet Tamer.

Auto Tabard

by eviloz. Automatically equips the proper reputation tabard when entering a heroic.


by Hatsuki. Automatically logs all chat to a file. Default is /logs/WoWChatLog.txt.


by Wilwarin. Automatically announces level-up's to specified channel(s).

AutoGrats (Continued)

by walkingdead. Automatically congratulates guild members on leveling.


by Spectre7, DecodeTheNet. Automatically say Gratz! to people in your guild, party or raid, if they get an an achievement.


by DecodeTheNet. Automatically greets guildies when they come online.


by eviloz. Automatically switches on nameplates when entering combat.


by kiki, Uniquesone, Truhan. Automatically sells all your grey and selected white items at the vendor. Also you can sell all weapons and armors your class can't wear.


by Ganglion. Auto-answers profession requests via short whisper (!enchanting, !jc, etc.) by using WoW's own profesion links.

AutoQuest 2

by Ghettogreen. Speeds up the process of accepting and turning in quests.


by Draeko. Automatically selects "Ready" when a ready check is performed, as well as a few other things that are actually useful.


by Markyxl. Automatically repairs all your items when you visit a vendor with repair ability.


by Erfolg, Bogdin. Automatically sets your role when you enter a raid. Also selects and accepts your role during role checks without needing user interaction.


by Cosmic Cleric. Automatically notifies (via vocal emotes and/or chat messages) when your life, health or mana drops below a certain percentage.


by Le_Vagabond. A simple title manager for people who, like me, use "roleplay" titles according to their character's specialization and are tired of selecting one every time.


by trent2. Switches the current tracking ability according to the creature type of your current target. It's an addon for all hunters who specced improved tracking.


by Egrimm. Automatically performs most of your vendor needs by selling any items you have in your bags, which you may not want, and auto-repairing.


by Aezay. Casting bar replacement.


by MeisBarry. A one-stop-shop for Feral debuff watching.


by Xchg. Displays item level on the item's icon in the bag and equipment slots.


by Tuller. Single window displays for the inventory and bank. A possible replacement for Altoholic if you only need to track inventory across your characters.

Bagnon Scrap

by Jaliborc. Makes all your Scrap glow in your Bagnon panels.


by OneWingedAngel. Automated selling of gray items whenever a vendor window is opened.


by N1kpmup, nikpmup. Adds colored item levels to the character, inspect, and bag frames.


by copialinex. Provides a highly configurable bar to track Lunar/Solar energy, Eclipse direction and Eclipse buff.


by Kemayo. Sorts your inventory, bank, or guild bank.


by Rabbit. Okay, so I got tired of dying to random trash mobs and considered what I could do about it, and I thought "the first thing I need to know is when I get aggro", so I made a mod that tells me: BanzaiAlert It has options for sound, message, LowHealthFrame flashing, and comes prepacked with a female voice that says "Aggro" when that is the case (from Squishy).


by Platykurtic. Allows customization of action bars.


by Kjasi. A little text on the edges of your XP bar instantly tell you how many bars until you hit your next level.


by Nevcairiel. A full ActionBar replacement mod.

Battle Pet - Quality Notifier

by mrbarnes86. Displays rarity information about wild pets vs the ones in your pet journal.

Battle Pet Binds

by MMOSimca. Lets you change and add new key bindings for Pet Battles without affecting your normal keybinds.

Battle Pet BreedID

by SirLappy, MMOSimca. Displays the Breed ID of any pet in battle, the Pet Journal, the pet tooltip, and auction house tooltip.

Battle Pet Daily Tamer

by Gello. Puts a familiar paw on the world map to mark where daily pet tamers are that you have not completed for the day.


by Bullseiify. Displays important information in a battleground including all enemies and allies.


by kunda. Shows all battleground enemies. Simple 'Enemy Unit Frame' for battlegrounds.


by smousa. Meant for anyone with humanoid tracking. Adds class colors to the tooltip of the minimap.


by Caiginn. Prints the length of your battle in the chat frame each time you leave combat.

BaudBag (fan update)

by Amberose (original: Baudzila). Allows you to combine bags as well as customize their display.


by Baudzila. Browse your inventory as a list, instead of the standard bag layout. Categories can be created to organize the list, allowing you to place items as well as other categories within them.


by mitch0. A Data Broker Display similar in functionality and looks to FuBar.


by PopCap Games. Popular gem-swapping puzzle Bejeweled by PopCap Games.

Besharded (Puzzle Game)

by MoongazeMods. A Bejeweled clone.


by nebula169. Makes the mission list look like the one in the Legion Companion App.


by Kemayo. Better quest log and tracker

BeWarned (BeWare)

by TartarosInDomolus. A Hunger For Blood warning system for rogues.

BG Defender

by shaboo, Axum29, Shoogi, taemmy, tehfm. Makes it easier to announce the number of incoming enemies to a base in a battleground.

BG Spy

by HashWhite. BG Spy is an enemy team talent specialization reader and reporter for use in battlegrounds. The list can either be displayed in chat or sent to the battleground channel.


by BeeGeeTheImp. Shows which round is coming up next in a Pet Battle.


by grepico. A companion for raids using the WebDKP addon for managing DKP. Provides a graphic interface for DKP functions such as retrieving your dkp and bidding on an item.


by conundrum4000, taykingova. Assists with druid bear tanking.


by Silberbüchse. Checks raid buffs/flasks and tells you who breaks crowd control.


by Jordons. Hooks the Blizzard raid frames to increase the debuff size of crowd control effects, and replaces unit frame portraits with debuff durations when important debuffs are present.


by Eidolarr. Lets you customize your game error messages.


by Activenl. Makes the standard Blizzard unitframes easier to read.


by JoshBorke. Shows you a keyboard layout with buttons that have some sort of action associated with them highlighted.


by Tageshi. Makes key bindings for spells, items, and macros. You no longer need action bar slots just to make key bindings for your macros etc.


by Grayal. Customizes your buff display.


by bitbiter. Provides 3 bars to keep track of your Beacon of Light, Judgement of the Pure, and Holy Power.


by PingHansen. Keeps count of how many of orcs you have bitten.

Blizzard Raid Frame - Indicators

by szandos. Configurable indicators for Blizzard Raid Frames showing time of buffs/debuffs on all units in the raid.


by Ketho. Filters any Chinese, Korean and Japanese characters from chat.


by Adoremus. Blocks the annoying message "You have gained the maximum amount of guild reputation allowed this week."

Blood Shield Tracker

by talryn1, kagaro. Tracks the value of the Death Knight Blood Shield.


by networkerror. Minimalistic AddOn for instant Slam! notification.


by kullerkugel. Intended for those who want to farm the Bloody Rare/Medium Rare/Northern Exposure/Frostbitten achievements by flying around and smashing a target macro.

BombSweeper (Puzzle Game)

by MoongazeMods. A mine sweeper clone.


by Iriel. Captures location and contents of books in game.


by Bruners. Opens all your bags when you open the auction house, bank, guildbank, mailbox, merchant or trade.


by MrCool. Provides warnings and assistance for boss fights.


by Bethink, DrKazza. Provides shareable notes and other information for your guild, party and raid community.


by sorontur. Improves and simplifies explaining boss tactics.

BossTactics - Archavon

by sorontur. The Archavon tactic module for BossTactics.

BossTactics - Cataclysm 5-man

by sorontur. Cataclysm 5-man instance module for BossTactics.

BossTactics - Crusaders' Coliseum

by sorontur. Crusaders' Coliseum instance module for BossTactics.

BossTactics - Icecrown Citadel

by sorontur. Icecrown Citadel module for BossTactics.

BossTactics - Malygos

by sorontur. The Malygos tactic module for BossTactics.

BossTactics - Naxxramas

by sorontur. Naxxramas module for BossTactics.

BossTactics - Obsidian

by sorontur. Obsidian Sanctum module for BossTactics.

BossTactics - Onyxia

by sorontur. Onyxia module for BossTactics.

BossTactics - Ruby Sanctum

by sorontur. Ruby Sanctum instance module for BossTactics.

BossTactics - The Burning Crusade

by sorontur. TBC module for BossTactics.

BossTactics - Ulduar

by sorontur. The Ulduar instance module for BossTactics.

BossTactics - WotLK 5-man

by sorontur. WotLK 5-man instance module for BossTactics.


by Bigbur, MysticalOS. Plays famous Boss quotations.


by rubio9. Scans your inventory when looting, and drops the lowest valued item to make room for your loot.


by Bruners. Links your profession link to the guild chat or whisper if someone uses one of the triggers that are bound to the different profession.


by Zasurus. Leaves a short trail behind you on your minimap so you know where you have been.


by Parnic. Displays a bar on screen that allows quick access to enchanting, jewelcrafting, and inscription professions by presenting a Disenchant/Prospect/Mill button and all of the breakable items you have for that profession next to it.

Broker Coords

by TomEpish. An LDB broker plugin to display current coordinates, and optionally the zone and sub-zone.


by Smuggles. Lets you enable and disable AddOns in-game without logging out.


by SunTsu. An LDB AddOn that shows you all your auctions on the current realm.


by PProvost. A LibDataBroker plugin that shows your bag information.


by CrazyBenny. Displays todays and upcoming events from in-game Calendar in simple tooltip.


by Morgalm. Watches channels you are in and creates a tooltip with the players currently in each channel. You can select which channels you want to watch.


by Morgalm. Allows you to easily switch between raid difficulties, looting modes, and loot threshold without using the cursed right click menu.


by Mera. A data broker AddOn to visualize AddOn CPU/Memory usage, Framerate and Latency.


by Torhal. An LDB broker that displays currencies and gold totals for session / today / yesterday / this week / last week.


by m42i. LDB Data Broker for your currency flow. A continuation of the AddOn Broker_Cashflow.


by gizmo28. An LDB addon that keeps track of how many Motes, Primals, Crystals and Eternal elements you have on you and in the bank.


by EkaterinaR, Hungtar. LDB data broker that includes modules for a bunch of displays such as zone text, durability, XP, gold, clock, coordinates, FPS, latency, and more.


by Bruners. A simple LDB plugin to display your goldz in the simple form 1336.9g.


by oscarucb. A LibDataBroker (LDB) launcher for HealBot.


by Morgalm. Watches class reagents in your bag by default. It is also capable of watching any item.


by ulic. Displays the status dialog from an LDB instead of the minimap icon.


by CodeRedLin. A LibDataBroker Location list with recommended zones.


by Timmeh. Simple loot specialisation display broker/LDB with specialisation selection in its tooltip.


by lloydbates. Displays information about the current loot method, the quality threshold and provides access to changing both.


by Efryse. A DataBroker plugin for toggling names and nameplates.


by Intosiitti. An LDB broker showing the current network bandwidth and latency.


by ManniAT. An Ace3/LDB plugin that brings back the lost Ora2 functionallity to set maintanks / player targets via tooltip.


by Warmexx. Hides the command bar when you are in your Order Hall to prevent UI elements being shifted down.


by Ancandune. LibDataBroker plugin to display pitch when flying or swimming.


by CrazyBenny. Lets you access all portal and teleport spells from one spot.


by Bruners. A simple Broker launcher object for the Battleground Queue and PVP-frame.


by MetaHawk. A DataBroker plugin for QuestHelper.


by Quaiche. A LibDataBroker (aka LDB) quick launch plugin that provides one launcher for each of the raid targeting symbols.


by Bruners. Fills up your bags with a set amount of one type of item when ever you visit a merchant that sells them, also includes a LDB-plugin to show how many of that item you currently have in your bag.


by Smuggles. Shows if autoselfcast is on or off and lets you toggle it with a click.


by Krevlorn. An LDB/broker AddOn that tracks honor and conquest points.


by networkerror, sanjuro. A LibDataBroker (LDB) plugin to show various tank statistics.


by iceeagle. Shows who controls Tol Barad and the time until the next battle.


by Zhinjio. LDB data source that publishes the skills and current cooldowns in the tooltip.


by Krevlorn. An LDB/broker AddOn that displays and tracks info from the character currency tab.


by xmyno. A data broker plugin that lists world quests, allowing you to quickly find the ones you wish to do.


by rodrick. A LDB plugin designed for the boring times while grinding out the levels.


by lolsnax. Occasionally appends your chat messages by adding ", bro" to the end.


by antonenright. Tells you whether your raid members are slacking on their food and flask buffs.


by tiggy. Provides a background texture at the bottom of the screen.


by Bruners. Lets you easily swap between Find Herbs and Find Minerals while flying over Northrend.


by Aierre. Manages the summoning of your companions.


by neaves, saikonate. Manages your group & personal auras.


by Nickodemus_wow. BuffEnough is a personal buff monitor that answers the simple question 'Am I buff enough?' If you're like me, when a raid leader does a ready check, you go through a mental checklist as you look over your buffs and gear, to make sure that you really are ready.


by fakeh. A clickable reminder for you to cast your buffs out of combat for all classes.


by akazik, hurtchild. Keeps track of important buffs in a splash screen.


by Telo. Changes the format of the times displayed under your buffs and debuffs to the original BuffTimers style.


by Mortilus. Periodically checks your buffs, and if you're missing an essential one, it'll put a warning up on the screen.


by funkjedi. A simple buff reminder addon. You tell it which buffs you want to track for yourself, all your party members, and/or specific classes.


by daylightice, squiretoad. Auto-cancels duel invites, group invites, guild invites, and guild charter signature requests.


by funkydude. BugSack eases the process of capturing bugs.


by iamcal. Tracks how many times you've looted mobs that drop rare pets, how long you've spent farming and shows you the chance that you should have gotten your pet by now.

Bust-a-Shard (Puzzle Game)

by MoongazeMods. A Bust-a-Move clone.


by haste. Small replacement for the default loot frame. Supports showing more than four items, and has a slick look.


by Misen. Action buttons with timers attached.


by Shinisuryu. Enhances the shift-click interface at vendors.

Caerdon Wardrobe

by Caerdon. Adds indicators to items in your bank, bags, and merchants so you can tell if they come with unlearned wardrobe appearances.

Calendar Event Notifier

by Quildra. Monitors the calendar and notifies you of any new events that are coming up and allows you to set your sign up status for the event.

Calendar Inviter

by eviloz. A panel that opens near the blizz calendar event panel, that gives you more information about the players.


by Zappster. Increases your maximum zoom distance significantly.

Can't Heal You

by efindel. Automatically whispers people who you try to heal or buff, but who move out of your range or aren't in line of sight.


by funkydude. A battleground timer AddOn with some extras.


by Rythal, carboniteaddon, Haavok. A multi feature addon developed by game industry veterans to improve and enhance the game playing experience of World of Warcraft.

Carbonite Info

by Rythal1. A small plugin for Carbonite allowing you to create 2 customizable informational windows.

Carbonite Notes

by Rythal1. Allows you to create and save waypoints on the world map for easy viewing and recollection.

Carbonite Quests

by Rythal1. An all-in-one quest replacement system for World of Warcraft.

Carbonite Social

by Rythal1. Allows you to easily view friends who also use Carbonite.

Carbonite Warehouse

by Rythal1. Modifies item tooltips to show its quantity on your other characters, and an overview window showing information about your other characters.

Carbonite Weekly

by Rythal1. Allows you to easily track weekly objectives for all of your characters.


by sylvanaar. Create's a text "meter" of how much you care. Can be output to any chat channel.


by Astromech. A LibDataBroker display addon, inspired by displays like Fortress and StatBlockCore.


by xbeeps. A lightweight, efficient and easy to use enhancement of the Blizzard castbars, including both the Player/Vehicle Castbar, the Pet Castbar and the Mirror Timerbars.


by craigy109. Allows you to post text in large letterings via in-game chat.


by pschifferer. An enhanced tradeskill AddOn.


by _Chloe. A simple, lightweight veiwport mod.


by Wikwocket. Alerts you when a CC spell you can cast fades from your focus target.


by Code Chinchilla. Shows your current movement speed as a percentage of the basic running speed.


by Otha. Shows timers for crowd control spells.

Ceaphyrel's Auto Accept Invite

by Ceaphyrel. Allows you to automatically accept invites from specific groups, like your friends, guildmates, or other people in your allow list.


by totalpackage. An instant messenger mod based on the functionality of an old version of ForgottenChat.


by Rollie. Collects and displays census information.

Character Notes

by talryn1. Allows you to set and manage notes on other player's characters. Notes are stored per realm so notes are shared across your characters on a realm.


by Calvin of DogsOfWar. Helps grab the character profile picture.

Chat Loot Icons

by Stanzilla. Shows small icons in the chat frame next to every *loot* message.


by AnduinLothar. Button bar for opening chat messages of each type.


by Calvin of DogsOfWar. Helps communicate chat messages to party or raid.


by chatcopy, titanrecount. Provides functionality to copy messages from chat windows (like combatlog or trade / general).


by AnduinLothar. Allows you to select your chat text for copying. Simply shift-click a chat frame to enter 'edit mode'.


by solariz, TULOA. General Purpose full featured Chat Enhancement Collection


by AnduinLothar. Mousewheel chat frame scrolling


by Dridzt. Plays sounds when guild and party messages are displayed.


by Antiarc, kagaro, Stanzilla, grum. A comprehensive, lightweight, mega-configurable chat enhancement addon.


by networkerror. Tracks the current Fear Ward buffs cast by yourself or any member of your party or raid.


by Spielstein. Provides a frame for a monk to observe their Chi.


by Pakze. Provides customizable Chi points and energy bars.


by Sidoine. A configurable unit frames AddOn.


by yess. Creates a bar on top or bottom of your screen where other AddOns called Broker Plugins (LDB) can display stuff like your FPS. Try this if you miss FuBar or Titan Panel.

Chordian's Read Enchantments

by Chordian. Parses all the enchantments learned and generate a URL which you can copy to your web browser.

Cirk's Lootcounter

by Cirk. Tells you how many of something you have when you loot more of them, and keeps track of the items you have on each character so that you can search for items through a small set of slash commands.

Cirk's Mousetip

by Cirk. Shows in-game tooltips at your mouse cursor.


by ckaotik. Keeps track of your garrison missions and followers.

Classic ThreatMeter

by Xabora. Allows you to see the threat bars Blizzard had originally implemented in WoW.


by Yorgl. Shows the class icons of your group members and the target.


by cralor. Shows your current value of power (Mana, Energy, Focus, Rage, Runic Power).


by millanzarreta. Restores the classic interface, including relocating the action bars, bag buttons, small interface buttons, as well as reputation and XP bars.


by abija. Offers 20 configurable buttons that can be used to track either a skill cooldown, an item cooldown, a buff or a debuff (on a specific unit).


by totalpackage. Allows you to zoom, reposition, and rotate the UI's built-in models so that you may get a better view.


by LordFarlander. Coconuts adds a button to your interface that smartly decides a random mount for you.

Collect Me

by Merla, Excitor0, Tolerant. Keeps track of your mounts and titles in the game and can show you your missing mounts and titles with additional information on where to get them.


by cmc3215. Assists you in finding and buying the lowest buyout mounts, pets, toys, and appearances.

Color Inventory

by gwiz665. Shows your items' quality colors on an outline in your bags, loot window, guild bank and bank.


by Ayradyss. Turns the default Blizzard green health bar into a bar that gradually shades to yellow and then red as health drops.


by Caiginn. Prompts you to enable combat logging upon entering a raid instance.


by Tuller. Bag replacement addon to help you find things quickly.


by Jaliborc. Creates a Scrap category for Combuctor.


by oldchap. Allows easy optimizing of the new version of the mage talent Combustion in Cataclysm.


by Si_. Shows a comic-style image and plays a sound when you crit.

ConfiguredX Micro Menu

by phriiec. Allows the user to remove any unwanted buttons from the Micro Menu.


by Sorian. Adds a confirmation to the Release Spirit button, preventing accidental clicks on the Release Spirit button.

Conflict Rotation Optimizer (ConRO)

by Vae2009. Helps you learn the best spell or ability rotation to optimize your damage output.


by zenkodar, KnappyM. Automatically announce when feasts, portals, and repair bots are created by a party or raid member.


by AnduinLothar. Channel color saved by name.


by Aeyan. Enables enemy nameplates automatically in combat and hides them when not.

Cool Repair

by crazedfred. Will use guild money (if possible), then your money to repair whenever you open a merchant that can repair.


by kiki, hshh, TheCheat5, DigitalSorceress. Displays a large yellow number (and text for numbers > 60 seconds) on spell icons for action bars, bags, character sheet, and quest icons in the tracker


by Yarko. Display cooldown counters on action buttons.


by wolftankk. Tracks the cooldown your ability/spell/item and your pets ability/spells using visual timer bars and pulse icons.


by mitch0. Displays the remaing cooldown of the action you tried to use. Type /cdtg for help, /cdtg config for configuration.


by Tifi, boomboo. Displays cooldowns of your spells, items or equipment slots.

CoolLine Cooldowns

by totalpackage. Displays spell/item cooldown icons on a single bar/line to give you an idea of when it will be ready.


by Szandos, TomCat. Shows coordinates on the minimap as well as on the bottom of the world map.


by sylvanaar. Bind a key, and copy text from whatever your mouse is hovering over.


by CruizeT. Play a sounds file and displays a message on screen (once a minute) when your MH/OH poisons have a short time left before they expire (rather than immediately after they expire).


by midoridge. CraftJapanizer Japanese-translated item data pack.


by midoridge. CraftJapanizer Japanese-translated spell data pack.


by overkill34. Allows players to whisper the user and get information about a profession or tradeskill.


by Rabbit. There's really no other way to put it, so here it goes.

CRAP: Corv's Reworked Accomplices Panel

by Corveroth. A searchable, scrollable companions list.


by Markyxl. Sells all useless gray items in your bags whenever you visit a merchant, so you don't have to search for them all the time.


by Worg. Automatically sells gray items at vendors, and a button in the character frame to destroy gray items (left-click for single item, right-click for all gray items).


by Uggh. Saves your high normal and critical damage records and flashes a message if you break the record.


by Eris. Tracks raid attendance and loot history.

CTA Watch

by aggixx. Watches for Call To Arms for selected roles and notifies or queues you when it is active.

Cursor Companion

by Jaliborc. Attaches the game tooltip to your cursor.


by sfa. Enables you to customize your chat pane.


by Wikwocket. Provides additional emotes and pull warnings.


by Dagos. Minimap menu that allows you to cast teleports, open profession windows, and use your hearthstone without having to use action bars or your spell book.

Daily Grind

by Deldinor. Automatically accepts and turn in dailies (daily quests).

Daily Tamer Check

by Saregon. Tracks the completion of daily pet battle tamer quests that reward sacks of pet supplies. Type /dtc or /dtcheck to show the frame.

Daily To-Do's

by ianseddon55. Help keep track of the dailies (daily objectives such as quests and heroics) you need to complete.

DailySummonHelper (Brewfest, Midsummer, Halloween)

by Yewbacca. Helps your party organize the summoning order for the seasonal daily summons, as well as exposing leechers who don't have the quest.

Dalaran University

by SulimoAD. Helps out with the Higher Learning achievement.

Deadly Boss Mods

by MysticalOS. Shows boss abilities and cooldowns during fights.

Deadly Boss Mods: Archaeology

by MysticalOS. Plays a random C'thun or Yogg Saron whisper each time you loot a keystone when engaging in the Archaeology profession.

Deadly Boss Mods: Battle for Azeroth

by MysticalOS. Battle for Azeroth module for Deadly Boss Mods.

Deadly Boss Mods: Battlefield Barrens

by MysticalOS. Battlefield: Barrens world event module for Deadly Boss Mods.

Deadly Boss Mods: Cataclysm

by MysticalOS. Cataclysm module for Deadly Boss Mods.

Deadly Boss Mods: Challenges

by MysticalOS. Challenges module for Deadly Boss Mods.

Deadly Boss Mods: Dungeons

by MysticalOS. Dungeons module for Deadly Boss Mods.

Deadly Boss Mods: Event Pack

by MysticalOS. Victory sounds and encounter music for Deadly Boss Mods.

Deadly Boss Mods: Forte

by ProxinForte. An AddOn to Deadly Boss Mods (required), custom created by the guild Forte on US-Khadgar.

Deadly Boss Mods: Interrupts

by gamer1224. Adds timers for interrupts into DBM to help track interrupt CDs.

Deadly Boss Mods: Legion

by MysticalOS. Legion module for Deadly Boss Mods.

Deadly Boss Mods: LibDataBroker

by MysticalOS. A LibDataBroker data source for Deadly Boss Mods.

Deadly Boss Mods: Mists of Pandaria

by MysticalOS. Mists of Pandaria module for Deadly Boss Mods.

Deadly Boss Mods: Not Scary At All

by Farmbuyer. Makes 8 outdoor creatures into "bosses" for purposes of testing DBM callbacks with other AddOns.

Deadly Boss Mods: Old Dungeon Mods

by MysticalOS. 5-man dungeons (previous expansions) module for Deadly Boss Mods.

Deadly Boss Mods: Outlands, Burning Crusade & Vanilla

by MysticalOS. Outlands, Burning Crusade & Vanilla boss mods for Deadly Boss Mods.

Deadly Boss Mods: Proving Grounds

by MysticalOS. Proving Grounds module for Deadly Boss Mods.

Deadly Boss Mods: PvP

by MysticalOS. PvP module for Deadly Boss Mods.

Deadly Boss Mods: Raid Lead Tools

by Nitram and Tandanu. Raidlead tools for Deadly Boss Mods (BidBot, StandByBot, etc.)

Deadly Boss Mods: Riders of the Horde

by Rictus. DBM Raid/Dungeon Addon for the Riders of the Horde Guild.

Deadly Boss Mods: Sarth-ShadowFissureWarn

by morrigahn. Gives you visual and audio warning when a shadow fissure (a.k.a. void zone) is cast by any of the drakes in The Obsidian Sanctum.

Deadly Boss Mods: SpellTimers

by Nitram. Uses DBM to show spell cooldowns from raid members.

Deadly Boss Mods: VictorySounds

by Cigawoot. Upon a wipe or kill of a DBM recognized boss it plays a sound.

Deadly Boss Mods: Warlords of Draenor

by MysticalOS. Warlords of Draenor module for Deadly Boss Mods.

Deadly Boss Mods: Wrath of the Lich King

by MysticalOS. Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK) module for Deadly Boss Mods.

Death Knight Monitor

by Sidh. Displays the most relevant stuff for a deathknight like runes, runic power and diseases.


by porkbone. Filters out the debuffs and buffs you don't care about.


by Archarodim. A cleansing AddOn intended to make affliction removal easy, effective and fun for all the classes having this ability.


by Dejoblue. Enhances the display and layout of character stats.

Dejunk (Sell & Destroy Junk)

by dethanyel. A customizable junk selling and destroying AddOn.


by Vladinator. Allows for a direct deposit of a percentage of all incoming gold.


by MyrddenCodeweaver. Provides an audio and visual warning if you have been reported AFK in a battleground.


by Saibantes. Selects your role automatically whenever you join a raid or switch you talent set.

Destruction For Dummies

by EarendilJenkins. Displays the recommended spell for you to cast (in or out of combat).

Deus Vox Encounters

by kollektiv. A boss mod inspired by RDX.


by MAD111CAT. Adds a HUD to your UI.


by Arcanefoam. A Heads Up Display Addon that provides 4 sets of bar to display player, target, pet, focus, target of target and/or vehicle health and power, and target range, druid mana when shapeshifted and threat information.


by Mrcoolmods. Complete multi-target threat meter (which makes difference between mobs sharing the same name).


by Eidolarr, Kasaharas. Helps you track cooldowns by making noise. When you try to use a spell that is on cooldown, dinger will play a sound. Which sound depends on how long until the spell is ready.


by oldchap. Monitors Power Word: Shield and Divine Aegis talents procs actives on your target for discipline priests.


by ElderFuthark. Allows Death Knights to view rune status via a grahpical sword or bar.


by Paul Alexander. A raid looting AddOn for the Devastation guild.

DLV (was Deuslovult)

by MagoKimbra. Guild management AddOn for officers.


by Vrul. A display platform for LibDataBroker (LDB) based plug-ins.


by mackatack. Plays audio clips during in-game events.

DomDom SoundPack 01

by mackatack. A sound pack for DomDom.

DomDom SoundPack 02

by mackatack. A sound pack for DomDom.

DomDom SoundPack 03

by mackatack. A sound pack for DomDom.

DomDom SoundPack 04

by mackatack. A sound pack for DomDom.


by mackatack. A simple, yet powerful graphical interfave for DomDom.

Dominos (was Bongos)

by Tuller. Action bar addon with a minimal feature set.


by starslayer2. Shows buff/debuff times (for spells that you cast) on action buttons as a cooldown (in addition to coloring the borders of the buttons).


by Freki. Flashes the icon of abilities in the middle of your screen whenever they become usable again.


by Snowcloud, Meranannon, NoiradNL. Tracks buffs/debuffs, energy, combo points, and more.


by Asheyla. Times DoTs and HoTs that you cast on other people. Supports all classes.


by efindel. Makes the edges of your screen pulse a jagged red whenever you take damage from a damage over time (DoT) effect.


by ashberlin. Makes trade skill windows twice as wide.


by TOM_RUS. Displays Draenor treasures on world map and optional arrow (requires Deadly Boss Mods installed) with distance to nearest Draenor treasure. An alternative to HandyNotes_DraenorTreasures.


by emelio. Allows you to move most default frames, such as the inbox, character window or the achievements window, anywhere you want.

Draiks Broker iLevel

by TimothyLuke. Exposes your characters iLevel to a Broker aware viewer.


by Gagorian, angosia. Displays the calculated damage or healing of abilities with talents, gear and buffs included on your actionbar buttons.


by dreamstate83. Adds a keybinding option that while pressed will mute your in-game sounds.


by Vladinator. Adds 4 new buttons to the Dressing Room frame: Undress, Reset, Target and Target Gear.


by Meranannon. Adds a small window with various pieces of information for feral druids.


by Kemayo. Click a LDB plugin to drop the cheapest thing in your bags (the cheapest grey item, by default).


by watchout. Calculates the actual stats you will gain when you equip an item, taking your talents and current shapeshift form into account.

Dungeon Finder Bang

by natch. Unmutes sound (if muted) and plays a sound when the Dungeon Finder accept window pops up, even when in the background.

Dungeon Helper

by yess. Provides helpful improvements to your daily dungeon grinding.


by Yarko. Allows you to easily view your current equipment durability and can be configured to remind you to repair at merchant.


by Eurytus. Alignment grid designed for 16:9 aspect ratio interfaces.


by bitbiter. Allows you to easily copy chat.


by Zaman. Automatically loots using a user defined filter so that only items with a quality/rarity above a certain level gets looted automatically.


by Yarko. Enhances the in-game mail frame.


by NeuroMedivh. A movable and configurable casting bar replacement. It includes a Mirror Bar that handles Breathing, Feign Death, and Exhaustion, as well as a new Target Bar, showing what your target is casting.


by Eurytus. Hides red error text spam such as "Spell is not ready yet".


by diocode, jokeyrhyme. Monitors the remaining duration on your Mysterious Eggs and other perishable items.

Elaias Automagically Tools

by Elaia. Helps doing often-done things automatically, such as repairing items, selling greys, accepting invites, declining duels, and so on.


by taracque. Tries to optimize DPS output for elemental shamans. Advises what spell you should cast next, shows your DPS on the selected target and your aggro percentage.


by pb_ee1. Elephant logs the chat for you in the background.

Elkano's BuffBars

by Elkano. Provides groups of statusbar style indicators to show (de)buffs currently affecting your toon or some other units (currently focus, pet and target). For the player, it can also show indicators for temporary enchants place on it's weapons.

Ellipsis (Multi-Target DoT Timers)

by Kith. Features multi-target DoT and HoT tracking for spells that you cast on other people. It has support for all classes and can additionally be configured to track Cooldowns as well.

ElvUI Enhanced

by instant, NickBock, omega1970. Adds additional features to ElvUI.

ElvUI Legion Currencies DataText

by Alexstraszaa. A DataText plugin for ElvUI that shows all the relevant currencies for Legion.

ElvUI Shadow & Light

by Repooc, Darth_Predator. Adds additional features to ElvUI.


by Endeavour. Adds drop information for items to their tooltips.


by haste. Makes the whisper tab flash constantly until you check it, instead of flashing for 60 seconds and then stopping.


by Requital, Hador, UniRing. All-In-One-Bag with sorting and categories.


by lieandswell. A compact rune display for Death Knights.


by Calvin of DogsOfWar. Adds camera features.


by Lysidia. Enhancements to the flight system.


by Calvin of DogsOfWar. Adds mail features.


by Stormcats. Shows a enhancement shaman what spell or ability they should use to maximize DPS. Only supports level 80 shamans.


by Maat. Reports in raid chat whenever a raid member "fails". All fails from the original FailBot are included.


by Sithoros. Shows gained XP per hour, XP per minute, all XP gained, playtime, and time until the next level.


by disht. An effort/gear reward system and addon.


by Bruners. If your raid group are using epgp to manage loot, this AddOn will popup when you are removed from the epgp standby list.


by Corg. Estimates raid attendance based on observed changes in EP.


by felsir. A set of need/roll frames for raiding guilds that use EPGP as the loot priority system.


by mackatack. Provides a nice GUI for distributing loot and GP to the raid.

Epic Gem List

by wrufeger. Very simple list of craftable gems since Burning Crusade and all new cataclysm gems.


by yess. An in-game MP3 music player with multiple playlist support.


by Legorol. Compare items easily with ones you have equipped


by Eurytus. Simple and lightweight auto repair AddOn.


by iceeagle. Manages the errors that are displayed in the blizzard UIErrorsFrame


by EnSabahNur77. Scans the combat log, nameplates, your target, the creature cache and your mouseover target for rare mobs.


by CurtisTheGreat. Notifies you in the middle of your screen with an icon and name of the spell that has procced and will make a subtle sound.


by eventhorizon, taroven. Displays timer bars for you most important abilities' target debuffs (including DoT ticks), cooldowns, and player buffs.


by yuluns, KaylinBDF. Plays a raid warning sound when certain events occur, such as ready checks, group invites, summon requests, LFG queues, and battleground/arena queues.


by kandarz. EveryQuest is a Quest History tracker and quest list window.


by Aezay. Advanced Inspection Mod of Gear, Talents, Honor and Arena Details.


by DarkStarX. Shows on the Worldmap all coords left to explore for the explorer achivement.


by cpw11. A Lib Data Broker (LDB) plugin for showing XP statistics.


by superk521, Sayclub. Displays internal cooldowns or proc rate multiples.


by pigmonkey. Extends the Blizzard Spell Alert functionality to allow for extra customization.