Latest World of Warcraft AddOns for Patch 10.x

WowMatrix saves you hours of time. Before opening World of Warcraft, just fire up WowMatrix and let it update your WoW AddOns quickly and safely.

Here are some of the WoW AddOns supported by WowMatrix, with more being added daily:


by IndigoSpaniard. A spell recommendation mod for feral druids in cat form.


by Urbin. Displays how many reputation points are missing to the next reputation level.


by fammy2k. Customizes your bag and bank slots.


by Miratu. Auto-accepts and auto-turn-in quests for you.

FastQuest Classic

by arith. Alternative to MonkeyQuest, Quest-I-On, etc. but smaller and faster.


by proberts. Helps master looters collect interest on items and distribute them.

Fishing Buddy

by Sutorix. Help with fishing related tasks -- clothing, fish information, etc.


by Sutorix. If you equip a fishing pole, you will get double-right-click casting.

Fizzwidget Disenchant Predictor

by Gazmik Fizzwidget. Tries to predict what an item could disenchant into.

Fizzwidget FactionFriend

by Gazmik Fizzwidget. Keeps track of your reputation with the various factions.

Fizzwidget Feed-O-Matic

by Gazmik Fizzwidget. Reminds and helps you to easily feed your hunter pet.

Fizzwidget Levelator

by Gazmik Fizzwidget. Quest names will appear preceded by their recommended level in brackets.

Fizzwidget Linkerator

by Gazmik Fizzwidget. Automatically inserts actual item link when you type it with square brackets

flagRSP WotLK

by Typhix. Allows you to set a title, first name, and last name as well as setting a character status and a roleplaying flag.


by Azxiana. FlagRSP2 is an AddOn for World of Warcraft that allows players to add additional information about their characters into the game.


by Boundingox. Quickly find specific items in your bags.


by Barfolomeu. FlightHUD Displays a fully configurable fighter jet style Heads Up Display (HUD) while flying or riding.


by dhask. Adds a tooltip to the world map showing flightpaths into and out of regions, and region level ranges.


by Floraline. Adds a bar similar to aura and shapeshift bar to the right of the pet bar.


by partouf. Lists anyone in your vicinity who gains and loses a Druid's Efflorescence buff.


by Floraline. Add some bars for casting of totems/traps, with timers showing the remaining life time of the objects


by AnduinLothar. Move, hide, scale, and resize frames with independent x&y axes.

Focus Health Percent

by subwired. Shows the percentage of health that your current focus has.


by hizuro. Provides more detailed information on where to collect certain garrison mission followers.


by hizuro. A module for FollowerLocationInfo version 0.9 and higher. Contains follower basic data, descriptions, images and localizations.


by Felankor. Allows your group and raid members to put you on auto-follow and more.


by Antiarc. Fontain is a simple Ace3 addon to give you a highly configurable set of controls over your UI's font choices.


by Lombra. Whenever you have old mail in your inbox (and no new/unread), the mail icon will be grayed out.

ForteXorcist (was ForteWarlock)

by Xus. Powerful Warlock AddOn for Raiders. Main features: Soulstone Tracker, Spell Timer, Summon Assistant, Shard Spy, Cooldown Timer, Healthstone Spy, Shard Manager and Self & Raid messages.


by Dridzt. An aggro warning system for parties and raids.


by Daedhir. Allows you to move and scale the Paladin Holy Power frame, the Warlock Soul Shard UI, the Death Knight Rune display, and the Balance Druid Eclipse UI.


by dkh. A simple screenshot utility with a number of options.

Friend & Ignore Share

by Vimrasha. Synchronizes your friends and ignore lists across your characters.

Friend Groups

by frankkkkk. Allows you to sort your friends list into collapsible groups.


by Awbee. Colors entries in your friends list based on their classes.

FriendsShare Resurrection

by Kring. Lets you keep the same friends list across characters, on a per server basis.


by hunter053. A fully customizable HUD framework, with all elements able to be moved and resized.

G15 Buttons

by Xinda. Bar mod which happens to have a default setup to look like the G15 macro keys.


by oscarucb. Automatically generates and announces optimal spirit totem assignments during the Gara'jal encounter in Mogu'shan Vaults.

Garrison Mission Manager

by rowaasr13. Assists you with selecting the best team for garrison missions. Adds 3 butons on mission page with top 3 suggestions.


by alar, Dohram, Moootig. Automatically schedules all your missions with just 2 clicks, completes missions with 1 click, builds optimal parties, and includes realm wide brokers for garrison resources, mission statuses, work orders, harvesting and much more.


by kagaro, Nevcairiel, Xinhuan. Collects Herbs, Mines, Gas Clouds and Fishing locations and adds them to the worldmap and minimap.


by kagaro. Data extract for GatherMate2.

GatherMate2_Data - Carbonite Edition

by Rythal1. Carbonite edition of Gathermate2_Data.

GatherMate2_Data - Carbonite Edition

by Rythal1. GatherMate2_Data for the Carbonite AddOn.


by kagaro. Database sharing module for GatherMate


by kellewic. Shows what level is required to mine, pick, smelt, prospect, mill, or skin a resource (vein, deposit, ore, animal, plant, etc).


by jordicus. Shows you if you can collect tradeskill items based on your current skill in that profession.


by gullfisken. An LDB data source which show the currently tracked faction progression and has a simple dropdown overview of your faction standings.


by Finghin. Shows a circle around your Cursor while Global Cooldown is refreshing! You need to set a spell to track with: "/gcd spell " New functionality in 1.1b (r6): There's another spark indicating casttime.


by Gemminie. Allows you to define messages to be sent when an action is performed.


by Toppazz. Automatically stacks gems after you cut them.


by adjo. Sorts items in your bags and bank.

Get Off My Lawn!

by Nirrudn, Milamber_of_Icon. Filters out things like duel messages, drinking spam, dual-spec skill spam, or certain exceptionally annoying NPCs.

GetDKP for EQdkp-Plus

by Corgan. GetDKP Plus only for EQDKP Plus.


by Dagma. A compact healing assignment manager.


by Mmoose. A highly customizable system for distributing loot.


by Mmoose. Stats, tracks, and closes rolls and announces winners.


by NorktheOrc. Plays sounds alerting you to various PvP activities, such as an enemy using their PvP trinket.


by Proditor, Resike, Rinu, Shadowed. Adds enemy unit frames to arenas for easier targeting and focusing.


by slaren, ElectricMenace. An arena unit frames AddOn based on Gladius.


by papsol. A modified clone of the Blizzard Achievement Alert frame.


by kegluneq. Displays a bar on the screen to provide a quick look at info such as amount of gold, honor/justice/valor points, XP, mounts, pets, and so on.


by gmarco. Plays a sound and/or prints in the default chat frame and/or show a frame colored based on unit aggro.


by Rabbit. Charm your friends with your very own raid icon tagger, the gnome way! Combines some of the features of ezIcons and JasonTag into one tiny package.


by efindel. Allows you to punt gnomes and get gnome punting achievements.


by Humbedooh. A GUI (Gnomatron Unified Interface) for LibSpreadsheet.


by elchefe. A highly configurable castbar and single timer AddOn.


by tiker. One-key solution for mounting/dismounting, supports spells, shapeshifting


by Peter MacLeod. Collection of addons commonly used by Guardians of Nozdormu guildies.


by Peter MacLeod. GUI based configuration tool for the GON addon.


by HSadler93. Provides a custom timer for mythic+ keystones (challenge modes) and timewalking


by Kemayo. Congratulates people when they ding.


by stigg. Common communication channel as a replacement for guild chat in guild confederations.


by Jerry. A core rewrite of Grid.


by CrazyBenny. Auto-sizes Grid frames.


by szandos. Adds text indicators in the four corners of the Grid Frame.


by watchout. Adds a right-click unit menu to your Grid raid frames.

Group Calendar 5

by Mundocani. IMPORTANT: Not compatible with previous versions of Group Calendar.

Group O Matic

by Akryn. Arranges people in raid subgroups.

Group Six Is Ready

by overkill34. Automatically acknowledges ready checks when not in groups 1 through 5.


by Warmexx. A basic data broker plug-in for GroupCalendar.

Gryphonheart Items

by Pilus, aurorablade. Platform for creation of simple items/props for RolePlaying, such as books.


by schr0nz. Removes gryphons from the default Blizzard action bars.

GSE: Gnome Sequencer Enhanced: Advanced Macros

by TimothyLuke. Allows you create a sequence of macros to be executed at the push of a button.

GSE: High Performance Macro Plugin

by TimothyLuke, EnixLHQ, lordgimpet, Quinlann, sir_ewing, toxicdust. A series of high performance macros for GSE.


by Zensunim. Provides an audible alert when you're standing in something you're not supposed to be standing in.

Guardian Spirited

by Nearyan. Announces when you cast Guardian Spirit (and on who), when it procs, and when it fades without proccing.

Guild Bank Repair Toggle

by tridus. Allows guild leaders to automate the process of setting guild member repair permissions with a single click.

Guild Launch CT_RaidTracker

by Guild Launch. Guild Launch modded CT_RaidTracker based off of the MLDKP CT_RaidTracker.

Guild Slacker

by Submann. Performs certain automated tasks, such as taking screenshots when you gain a level or get an achievement, and saying welcome or gratz in guild chat when a member joins or gets an achievement.

Guild Tithe

by botono9, Vandesdelca32. Enables and automates voluntary contributions of money to your guild bank.


by Durthos of Proudmoore. Allow multiple guilds to form an alliance and have a shared guild chat channel.


by Dalf. Guild Ads


by Saiket. Filters the guild bank. Just type the first few letters of the items name and watch as it appears before you!


by Tunhadil. Tells you who recently joined or left your guild when you login.

GuildEventManager3 - GEM3

by kiki, Movix. In-game event planner


by Guild Launch. Profiler for the Guild Launch service.


by Guildomatic. For guildmasters and officers of guilds hosted at Guildomatic.


by redaxe. Takes guild ranking data from and displays the 'World Rank' and 'Realm Rank' on player tooltips when you mouse over a player.


by Calvin of DogsOfWar. Extracts guild roster & info from the Guild Roster.


by MigGat. Displays a list containing the tradeskills of your guild members.

H.H.T.D. - Healers Have To Die

by Archarodim. Adds a red cross above enemy healers' name plates, and a healer role symbol above friendly healers' name plates. Name plates must be enabled for this to work.


by Vandesdelca32, Mud. A lightweight notebook AddOn.


by Hadar. Paladin addon to help with blessings, seals, mounts and more.


by Mackenz. Displays weapon speed in relation to normal (being no procs, just gear and talent haste.


by MightyHaz. HazLoot takes the pain out of master looting raid instances.HazLoot is in alpha - use at your own risk.


by LorDestinY. Plays sound effects on spell/ranged damage events, as well as Blocked, Critical, Missed, Resisted and Absorbed Hits.


by Greltok. An AddOn for assigning healing during raids. All healers running the mod will automatically have a window showing unit bars for their assignments.


by StrifeCUK. Adds a panel with skinable bars for healing, decursive, buffing, ressing, range checking and aggro tracking

Healer Buttons 3

by Scale. Adds up to 4 buttons to your player and/or your party frames, which you can bind 3 spells to, using the left, middle and right mouse buttons.


by engypoo. Provides a customizable, intuitive, compact, no-clutter interface optimized to make it easy to heal.


by aauuaa. Tracks your paladin's Flash of Light HoTs and alerts you when it is time to reapply it.

Hear Kitty

by VgerAN. Plays soothing but distinct orchestral sounds when you gain and spend combo points. You won't have to watch for red combo dots; when you hear the final note played, you'll know it's time for a finishing move.


by kapulani, eylirria, Itonohito. Priority helper for Shamans, Paladins, and Monks with support for in-game modifications.

Hidden Reputations

by snoring. Exposes hidden reputation meters in the reputation tab, such as Alliance/Horde or Steamwheedle Cartel.


by Gendr. Allows you to hide one or more of the default Blizzard frames.


by Erfolg, highslime, Bogdin. Hides the standard Blizzard player, target, old-style (pre-4.0.1) party frames, and current 4.0.1 and later party and raid frames.


by Ketho17. Hides main menu popup notifications such as those relating to talents, collections, and the Adventure Guide.


by cborga. Removes the tracking frame.


by Andymon. Enhances the friends window to offer you a better management of your friends and ignores.


by mawo78. Adds 6 useful macros for Paladin healing.

Honor Kills Counter

by Torrid. Tracks honor kills and battleground statistics.


by Melach. Visual display of Holy Power around the centre of the screen, uses the Blizzard artwork to fit in with the interfaces.


by elec29a. Displays Haste Spellpower values to track changes like Black magic procs, trinkets or missing buffs.

HuntBars Focus Edition

by SBite. A stack of bars (inluding Focus/CDs/Procs/Buffs) designed to help hunters optimize their DPS.


by KieferSkunk. Provides notifications of combat-related events useful for Hunters, such as entering combat without an Aspect, or with Aspect of the Pack/Cheetah, entering combat without a pet, etc.


by boomboo. A simple Internal Cooldown monitor.


by Parnic. Summary IceHUD is another HUD addon in the spirit of DHUD, MetaHUD, and others.


by xthothx. Adds enemy cooldowns to their nameplates.


by 1ndustrial. Blocks some red error messages from appearing in the 'UIErrorsFrame' in the topcenter of the screen, such as 'Ability is not ready yet' and 'Another action is in progress'.


by 1ndustrial. Enhances the chat frames.


by Lavindar, UltraNurd. When you are chatting, places the name of your main char in brackets when you are on your alts


by 1ndustrial. Automatically rolls greed on blue and green items.


by 1ndustrial. Customizes the mini map.


by 1ndustrial. Automatically accepts all quests from an NPC and completes all quests that you can complete.

Igor's Mass Auction

by daxdax. Adds an extra page to your auction window that allows you to submit up to 18 auctions at once. Prices and duration can be set on an auction by auction basis.


by Riokou. Lets you preview enchantment illusions from a level 2 or 3 Enchanter's Study by ctrl+clicking, just as you would with a piece of gear.

Improved GankList

by flabby. Helps you to keep an in game record of all the players who decide to gank you. Alters the tool tip background for any enemy player who's name is on your GankList so you can instantly tell whether or not they are on your list.

Inbox Mailbag

by Brefin, Partha. Lets you view your inbox as yet another bag that you can take things from. Collates items into singular stacks and supports search hilighting to help you find specific items within your inbox.


by Feador. Helps you put certain items out of your mailbox into your inventory.


by Trellmor, nyyr. Adds your name in front of your chat messages. Can be enabled for guild (and officer), party and raid chat messages.


by Morgalm. Shows timers for mob respawns in raid instances.


by totalpackage. A simple flight timer AddOn including auto-dismount and auto-unshift.


by Telo. Provides a framework for creating simple plugins that are incorporated into a movable bar. The included sample plugins display money, time, frame rate, ping, health regen, mana regen, map coords, DPS, bag space, and energy recharge.


by Aezay. A lightweight information panel that will place itself in the edge of the screen, it slightly resembles other addons such as Titan Panel or FuBar, but I've tried to keep it simple.


by emelio. Attaches a frame to the inspect window that shows where the equipment of the inspected character comes from.


by William W. Kimball, Jr. MBA MSIS. Enables many guilds to interact and appear as one, including optionally sharing: Guild Chat, Officer Chat, Guild Roster (with Professions), Message of the Day, Guild Calendar Events, other AddOn Data, and all guild notices like Log On/Off, Promote/Demote, Join/Leave/Kick, and Achievements.


by William W. Kimball, Jr. MBA MSIS. Enables WIM (WoW Instant Messenger) to receive allied guild messages and events from Inter-Guild Link.


by krzysiek_7_5. Runs in background and scans the combat log for your successful interrupts and announces them to party or raid chat.


by kollektiv, korruna. Tracks enemy interrupt abilities on a neat little bar.


by Zerotorescue. Keeps track of items in your inventory and can provide a summary to quickly view how many of items you wish to track you have left and whether or not you should refill.

InviteMe - Wintergrasp

by Eden. Allows other people to invite themselves to your party. Enhanced to allow for Wintergrasp raids.

Ion (was Macaroon)

by Maul. Ion is a macro-based action bar addon. It can stand on its own or supplement any other action bar addon or even the default Blizzard UI.

Ion: Menu Bar

by Maul. Menu bar module for Ion.


by yuluns. Implements a simple keybind which the user should assign as the talk button in Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, etc. This keybind will temporarily suppress the volume of game sounds while held.

Item Level Overlay

by brandonweiss. Overlays individual item levels over inventory slots in Character Info.


by twobits. Provides both a static database and an active scanner for item data.


by alar. Shows the item level, socket status, and enchant status for each item slot.


by Nearyan. Allows you to select an enchant and gems for an item, and gives you an item link with those gems and enchants on it.


by Bam. Adds vendor sell value to item tooltips.


by Gello. Makes swapping equipment easier through equip slot menus, equip slot buttons, gear sets and automated swaps.


by Jafula. A tool to assist multiboxers.

JSHB 4 - Formerly JS' Hunter Bar

by _JS_. Focus bar and crowd control timers for hunters.


by Saiket. Simplifies the Midsummer Fire Festival's [Torch Juggler] achievement down to scrolling your mousewheel.


by renchap. Displays how many times you have jumped.


by DesertDwarf. Drops the cheapest junk item (including calculating stack totals) from your inventory.