Tips to Protect Yourself and How WowMatrix Can Help

WowMatrix takes the security of our users very seriously.

The WowMatrix Application

WowMatrix is a 100% safe and legitimate application and does not contain any harmful or malicious components such as keyloggers, spyware, trojans or viruses.

In addition, every single AddOn that you download using WowMatrix passes through our security checks on the spot at the time of installation, which will not allow any executable files to be extracted to your system, even if someone tries to put up a malicious file for download.

This ensures that there isn't a way for AddOns downloaded by WowMatrix to transmit your World of Warcraft account login details or other personal details to hackers over the Internet.

This also means it is actually safer to use WowMatrix to download World of Warcraft AddOns than it is to download manually from AddOn websites, since web browsers are unable to forcefully prevent the extraction of executable files from downloaded AddOns by external file decompressors.

Please ensure that you are using a legitimate copy of WowMatrix by downloading it from our official WowMatrix website which is located at There are some harmful copycat sites that use very similar domain names, so beware. Authenticators

We highly recommend the use of either the Authenticator (a keyring token) or the Mobile Authenticator (a mobile app), which are optional tools provided directly by Blizzard that offer you an additional layer of protection, even from keyloggers.

Activities To Avoid

IMPORTANT You should continue to take the usual precautions to protect yourself. For example, the following activities should never be performed:

  • sharing your World of Warcraft game account details with another party, including friends and family members, who may log into the account from an infected computer;
  • downloading an unchecked WoW addon containing a malicious executable that you then unknowingly or inadvertently run;
  • visiting websites (including non-gaming related sites) that prompt you to install a program that could contain a keylogger or spyware. Examples: downloading what is claimed to be "WowMatrix" or any other legitimate application from a suspicious source;
  • logging into the World of Warcraft game or a Blizzard website or forum using a computer that has not been verified to be completely free of infection;
  • using your World of Warcraft game account details or similar login details with other online or offline services;
  • having someone look over your shoulder while you are typing in your login details without you knowing;
  • using a power-leveling or gold selling service and supplying them with login details of your World of Warcraft account;

The above are just SOME of the activities that can cause your World of Warcraft account to be compromised. They are completely unrelated to the use of a legitimate copy of WowMatrix, which in fact comes with safety features, as mentioned earlier.

In Summary

Remember, WowMatrix can only do so much to help protect you from hackers. By using a little common sense and practising safe computing at all times, you can do your part to keep your World of Warcraft account and other personal information safe and secure.

For more information about how WowMatrix can help you download, install and update your World of Warcraft AddOns easily and safely, click here.