Thousands of people use WowMatrix on a daily basis. Here are just some of the comments we receive every day from happy users around the world:

Great, awesome program. My mac has never been happier. Thanks!


Your application just owns so bad, saves me a lot of time :D Thanks for your work

Scott C.

You got great software. Lots of simple and exceptionally useful features rolled into a small useable package. Congrats on a awesome design. Kind regards!


Please add me to your testimonials. Thank you so much for this great product! Within minutes of downloading, WowMatrix had identified my UI mods, updated them, allowed me to try out some new UI mods, and had me up and running in WoW! Awesome product!

Gisei @ Maelstrom Alliance

Hi, i just wanted to say that this application is brilliant. I was previously using manual updates and ----- Updater, but this combines them all in one. Its clear to use, easy to understand and feels really well made. Thank you for providing us with this service.

Tom D.

Greetings and keep up the good work!


Just tried your program tonight. Clean. Fast. Intuitive to use. Very impressed. Someone should be paying you good $ for skills like this.


Just wanted to thank you for your awesome program! Our entire guild and all my friends are now using it. It's become a requirement for our raid team, as its a fast and easy way to update our core addons before each raid. Thanks!


I would like you to thank you for this awesome (mac) app.


I have been using --- for some time and it is great to see someone come up with this MUCH needed utility that is cross platform and works with addons other than the --- addons. I'm definitely making sure I let everyone know about you guys. Keep up the great work! Thanks again for an incredible utility for keeping addons up to date (I've been telling everyone I know to start using this awesome utility!)

Craig B.

Thank you so much. now I dont have to drive all the way over to my friends house just to show him how to unzip a zip anymore.


Your program is just friggin' AWESOME!!!


WowMatrix is a great application and I use it every day on my Mac before I start playing WoW. I love WowMatrix and thanks a lot for Your effort in developing this great software. :-)

Eick W.

Thanks for a great program, glad someone came up with something like this =D


Thanks! Great App

James D.

Great tool. Fast, and a nice clean interface.

Mark H.

Hey! This is a great piece of software


Just love your program!

Magnus A.

I love wowmatrix its great and all my addons are working fine


Thanks, keep up the good work! GREAT program and thanks for the Mac support. :-)


I just downloaded your WoW matrix beta version and i love it. i used to have to go on one site for things. and if it's not there then i have to go look. I also have a question what will be the difference from beta and normal it seems like there's not much more great stuff u can add since this program is already great please reply. Have fun

Daniel K.

GREAT TOOL, The best tool, and I have tried a few :)

Thomas P.

Your tool is great! I think people would pay for it as shareware.

John A.

This program has been a great time saver for me. Thank you.

Levi W.

I love your update tool. Thanks again for making such a great tool.

Ryan S.

Hello i just wanted to start off by saying that i love this software you do a great job.

Ryan K.

I just want to say thank you for this great little piece of software. with Greetings from Berlin.

Peter S.

Great program. cannot go without it anymore.


Thanks for this great app! I use it on a Mac and it just works fine! great!


Hello, in first time, I want to thank your equip for this program... it's great :) But I'm not a very good language of english (as you can notice it) and my question is : is it possible to get this program in french? thanks.


Hey, love the program, and I wanted to make a feature request, although the program is great, it would be really cool to have it launch the Blizzard Launcher, or WoW after you run it, making this program like a pre-launcher for WoW [Editor's note: this feature has been implemented]. Anyway, thanks again a million for this software.


Thank you for a great program has helped my members install mods without problems!!!

Bryan P.

Great software, thanks!

Colin S.

Thanks for your great product. If you have a mailing list please add my email address to it.


Thank you for adding the option to choose which WoW folder to use to update addons, it works great!!! Thank you for all other additions, WoWMatrix gets better and better, it works iike a charm!! One happy user here :D Keep up the good work Greetings.

Paul E.

Hi, just wanted to say your program is great and very easy to use.

Michael C.

WOW! I have been looking for something like this for ages. This is the single greatest thing that has come out on MAC for World of Warcraft in years.


Great program, very clean and easy to use.


This program is great...


Just installed wowmatrix. Looks great! I really needed something like this.


WOW is all I can say thank you guys for coming up with this in the nick of time. This far surpasses ----- & -----. Great Job!


Just wanted to let you know this is a great tool. I used to just use the ----- updater (which is also cool) but all my ----- mods were always outdated. I tell all my friends to install this.

Nathan D.

Heya just got wow matrix for patch 2.4 and i think its great xD love how quick and easy it is thanks for making it and keep the mods coming :)


Many thanks for developing this - it's truly a great time saver.


Great program, It has helped out alot.


WowMatrix has to be the best addon updater program out there.

Andrew J.

Great product. actually you should charge for it. i am running vista at the moment. thanx.


Hello--Downloaded your update the add on programs, think it is a great idea.


Great tool. Thanks very much.

Lynn P.

It would be awesome if the export to text file feature would include the addon description in addition to the name of the addon [Editor's note: this feature has been implemented]. My friends are always asking what each of my addons do. Great program by the way!

Andy G.

This is a great tool! Especially for ----- which updates every hour! THANK YOU!


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