Latest World of Warcraft AddOns for Patch 10.x

WowMatrix saves you hours of time. Before opening World of Warcraft, just fire up WowMatrix and let it update your WoW AddOns quickly and safely.

Here are some of the WoW AddOns supported by WowMatrix, with more being added daily:

Paladin Beacon of Light, Sacred Shield Tracker

by abija. Tracks Judgements of the Pure, Beacon of Light target, Sacred Shield target (for you and other paladins in the raid), FoL hots for yourself.

Paladin Warnings

by Fonjask. When you use a helpful Paladin spell on someone, you will whisper that person to notify them.

Paravel Theme Pack for Sunn Art

by Paravel. Optional art pack for SunnArt (Sunn - Viewport art).


by ckknight, profalbert. Displays floating combat text.


by AnduinLothar. Adds party member casting bars to their unit frames.


by Telic. Adds extra information to the Party/Raid dots and tooltips (compatible with BG Raid groups).


by oscarucb. A small utility that enables multi-line/unlimited-length pasting of text or commands into WoW.


by VgerAN. Makes it easier for you to decide which items are better than others


by PopCap Games. WoW version of the popular game Peggle by PopCap Games.


by Trellmor. Automatically hides the UI while taking a screen shot and resotres it afterwards.


by peskyrogue. Tracks dangerous and annoying rogue abilities and uses emotes towards the attacker immediately.

Pet Info Bar

by Terraan, Inokis. Provides the Hunter with a wealth of information about their current pet.

Pet Journal Quick Filter

by rtomson. A filter extension for PetJournal that quickly filters the pet list by family.

PetBattle Teams

by Nullberri. Create unlimited teams of pets and quickly switch between them in the pet journal.


by jorna. Allows you to send emotes from your pet.

PetJournal Enhanced

by Nullberri. Enhances the Pet Journal with many features.


by Syzgyn. Enhances the Companion frame.

Pets and Mounts

by Shenton. Auto and random summon for your pets and mounts, highly customizable. With Data Broker support.


by smccandl. Lets you know which alts already have a particular pet (companion) and which ones need it.


by gazsvyaz. Shows all pets, in order, with an adjustable delay between them.


by mitch0. Displays the remaining time before your temporary pet is dismissed (Water Elemental, Shadowfiend, etc).


by Jaliborc. Displays the locations of pets, stables and trainers; tracks your pet taming progress; and more.


by dlemvigh. Attempts to simplify gear tooltips by shortening unnecessarily long lines.


by flintman. Shows downloaded updates from phpRaider.

Player Link Menu

by ArtureLeCoiffeur. Displays a menu when clicking on a player's name in chat.

Player Notes

by netherby. Allows you to create and store notes about players and set a reputation level regarding how you feel about them.

PlayerScore / GearScore

by Arxkanite. Mouse over any friendly player and that player's tooltip will show their gear score and talents.


by Kharthus. Adds a little XP Bar under your portrait.


by silentdave. Allows you to apply poisons to weapons via a minimap menu.


by mwinburn02. An AddOn for Priests that tracks Prayer of Mending casts.


by Travisstorma. Announces to raid / party when you make a portal and to where.


by Siz. AddOn to keep track of all of your items. ( /poss to show)

Potential Profit

by dracos99. Sums up the potential profit of posted auctions.


by Thebackstabi. Provides small but useful tools for improving the basic user interface.

Prat 3.0

by sylvanaar. A chat enhancement AddOn.

Prayer of Mending Tracker

by elidion. Tracks who Prayer of Mending is jumping to and how many charges you have left. Displays it in a small movable window frame.


by Torrid. Automates synchronized battleground joining

Premade Groups Filter

by baerenhard. Helps you limit and filter the search results of the LFG Premade Groups tool.


by Bandayd. Helps priests manage their buffs, notifies them when their shackle breaks, reminds you to keep your inner fire up, helps manage their 3 min fear ward, and also plays some funny sayings when you cast spells (but only if you want).


by Grayal. Retooled professions.


by thescorp, alysterx. Allows you to list your Alternate characters' Profession Links to people, channels, or your guild without having to switch to them.


by oscarucb. Simple and light-weight tracking of profession links and recipes for all your alts and friends.


by Aoie. Tracks gems that you've gotten through prospecting.

qAH Improved

by quel. Provides improvements to Auction House frames.


by Aezay. Automatically creates a dynamic buttonbar for all usable quest items. Also checks your equipped gear for usable quest items.

qComments (weekly)

by gr11x. Shows user comments from WowHead to help with questing.


by Anaral. Adds an item's basic info into the tooltip, in the color of the item's quality.


by Nevcairiel, Nymbia. A modular approach to a casting bar AddOn.

Quartz: Magebuff module

by brcavenger. A module for Quartz (based on the "buff"-module) which provides only the buff/debuff information required for mages.

Quartz: Procs Module

by baffle. Requires Quartz to be installed, and uses the Mirror module to add some class specific buffs/procs/ and certain cooldown timers.

Quest Completist

by ViduusEU. Enables you to see what quests you have completed, and what ones you still have to do.


by Gorebag. Automatically generates a bar of buttons containing any usable quest items in your inventory.


by CamarisKulTiras. A quick fix to re-enable quest-text fading.


by Gregity, MrOBrian. Quest log replacement, includes quest history.


by nconantj, smariot, zorbathut, nesher, vipersniper. Calculates an optimal route for you to follow while questing.


by smariot. An alternative to QuestHelper. While not yet complete, some features are already functioning.


by WakeZero. An unofficial branch of QuestHelper aimed at providing the core subset of features in a slimmed down lighter version.


by jtbalogh. An in-game history log of quests that have been accepted, completed, failed, or abandoned.


by pigmonkey. Shows pinpoints on the world map of all the quests you've missed.


by Nickenyfiken. Automatically shows a bar with buttons for the quest items you possess.

Questlog HD

by Drac86. Improves the Questlog Frame for higher resolutions and widescreen displays.


by yarko. Allows the player to view their party members' quests.


by Kemayo. Puts the quest POI icons from the world map onto your minimap.


by TomEpish. Tracks quest progress and playing sound files when a part of a quest is finished or a quest finished at all.


by Kjasi. Automatically highlights the best item to vendor when you finish a quest.

Quick DKP V2

by thebreaker1205. In-game DKP system.

Quick Look

by Garoun. Allows you to bind keys to quickly look behind, left, or right.


by WakeZero. Damage taken bars will appear beside each player and party unit frame. These bars increase with the amount of damage a player in the party receives, changing colors from green to yellow to red upon death.


by stphung. Allows you to quickly set raid targets.


by quel. Bind keys directly to spells, abilities, macros, and items.


by zork. Edits the positions of the default ActionBars. Requires a layout.

rActionBar Default

by zork. Default actionbar layout for rActionBar.

rActionBar Zork

by zork. Zork's actionbar layout for rActionBar.

Raid Assist (was Iskar Assist)

by Tercioo. Creates a unit frame of your raid group ordered by groups or alphabetically.

Raid Invite Broadcaster

by Aenora. A lightweight AddOn for automating raid invites.


by Shurshik. Tracks group or raid achievements.


by Shurshik. Tracks group and raid achievements for the WotLK and Cataclysm expansions.


by CommandoXXX, arthiceu. Scans the players in the raid and calculates which raid-buffs are present in the raid and which are not.


by omegasnow. Tracks your Raid IDs across all characters on a realm and shows the reset times.


by humfras. Provides quick and easy raid target setting. The symbol bar is scalable and moveable. You can set descriptions (e.g. sheep, tank, etc.) and assign symbols to players.


by Xianghar. Allows one person set up all totems for all shamans in the raid.


by Celess. Keeps account of attendance and loot for parties and raids.


by Gnowknayme. Choose a random mount or vanity pet at the press of a button.


by hendew. Makes it simple to summon a random mount.


by mitch0. Estimated range display.


by yury2808. Helps the player easily see which spells/attacks can reach the target.


by Gronzig. Monitors the spells cast by you and other level 80 members of your party or raid and warns them if they are using a downranked spell.


by Sadiniel. Announce loot drops from rare mobs, in instances, and from world bosses.


by Elvador. Keeps track of rare spawns on Timeless Isle.


by keithgabryelski. Shades the area of all Northrend and Outland maps with the location of Rare Spawns.


by Allara. Tracks how many chances you've had to obtain various rare items throughout the game.


by Whitetooth. Rating Buster - A tool for item comparison If you can help on localization updates, feel free to send me the files and I'll include them in the release About RatingBuster RatingBuster started out as an addon that converts combat ratings in your tooltips into percentages, so that you have more meaningful information when comparing different items.


by jerry. Adds Rating conversion values to tooltips.


by Tomber. Spell tracking timers and bars.


by Asett. Repairs and sells junk items when you speak with a merchant.


by cultofrazer. Presents the Razer Naga multi-button thumb grid in-game and allows you to easily bind your skills and spells to it.

rBBS (was rBottomBarStyler)

by zork. Select between 4 actionbar background styles.


by zork. A framework for Blizzard player aura buttons. Requires a layout.

rBuffFrame Default

by zork. Default buff frame layout for rBuffFrame.

rBuffFrame Zork

by zork. Zork's buff frame layout for rBuffFrame.


by zork. A framework to theme Blizzard action, aura and item buttons. Requires a theme.

rButtonTemplate Default

by zork. Default button theme for rButtonTemplate.

rButtonTemplate Zork

by zork. Zork's button theme for rButtonTemplate.


by evil_morfar. Provides a way to handle loot distribution using a loot council.


by darkenscale. Plays a custom sound when a ready check is performed.


by Stewjames2000. Plays a sound when your dungeon/battleground is ready or when your party/raid leader starts a ready check. Requires sound to be enabled but sound effects can be disabled.


by Bediko. Fix the Readycheck sound to the old one, even if Blizzard delete it from MPQs.


by Ketho. Custom ding message and level summary.

Reagent Calculator

by gmta_inc. Calculates the amount of reagents you need to craft X amount of an item.

Reagent Helper 2: Remastered

by Davie3. Shows within a reagent item's tooltip the Profession and/or Class it is used for.

Reagent Tree

by Feldar. Lists every recipe known by any of your characters in the tooltips of the mats they use.


by eviloz. Counts buff reagents whenever a bag update occours.


by cheeken. Automatically purchases items from vendors and your bank - up to a quantity you specify - automatically, when you open a vendor or bank window. Additionally, it will assist you in selling items.


by torkel104. Created as a tool for druids and any other raider to monitor Innervate and Rebirth availability regardless of whether the druids in the group have the AddOn.


by Hawksy. Recap records damage, healing, and other combat-related events in the area around the player.

Recipe Book

by ayradyss. Adds info to recipes on which alts know or can learn them.

Recipe Radar

by yunohu, ladenedge. Assists players in finding recipes. It knows about vendors who sell recipes in the current region or by profession. It has a number of filtering options and can even locate vendors on the world map.


by Kjasi. Colors all recipes that you already know.


by Ryplinn. Makes you say humorous messages whenever you cast a resurrection spell.


by Iroared. A lightweight reforging calculator that helps you figure out the optimal strategy to reforge your gear given your stat weights and caps without leaving the game.


by gunboat, Gnerfed. Inspects your class, spec, weapons, and stats, to determine which items to reforge and which stats to reforge on those items to reach the relevant caps.


by Jordons. Allows you to save and restore reforging profiles for your equipped items.

Relics Achievement

by grunja. Automatically congratulates people when they earn achievements.


by Gello. A pet journal alternative for managing pets and teams.


by diocode. Removes the Garrison minimap button, which can be annoying with its constant flashing when you have invasions pending.


by sonomus. Automatically repairs items at vendors, and displays durability and costs.


by DrGoldfire. Displays a small frame containing info about your standing with your currently selected faction.

RepTracker (Reputation)

by INSOMNIAX. A database that stores reputation watched by zone and switches as you enter a new zone.

Reputation Bars

by PontusM. Lets you watch one or more faction standings.

Reputation Monitor

by Monderr. Provides a movable frame with reputation details.

Reputation Session Tracker

by IceBerge. Shows how much your reputation with factions changes during a session.

Retribution FCFS helper (clcret)

by abija. Helps with Retri Paladin DPS rotation.


by AnduinLothar. Click chat URL's to insert into the editbox.


by Dezyne. Helps you monitor your healing-over-time (HoT) spells as a druid.


by mcbeenb, tylerdurden2. Enhanced tooltips.


by Ricowan. Allows for customization of the minimap.


by cremetorte. Explains the boss mechanics of the boss in front of you.

Rogue Focus Classic

by siv0968. Shows combo points, energy and energy ticks


by mangrol. Displays status bars with time left on rogue abilities.


by oscarucb. Adds Blizzard's party/raid role icons (tank/heal/dps) in several useful places in your UI.

Rolling Raid Addon

by Goris. AddOn for loot distrubution used by Optical Illusion.

Rotation Builder

by Pelerinage, Tylorcaptain. Allows you to create rotations for all classes and specializations.


by Daedhir. Creates player and target portraits from 3D models using some modified default UI frame graphics that blend well with the default Blizzard UI elements.


by Calvin of DogsOfWar. Extracts character info including stats, equipment, inventory, and more.


by efindel. Allows you to set whether you want your helm/cloak to be shown in and out of combat, and have them automatically shown/hidden.


by Cralor. Allows you to move and customize the rune bar.


by Krigar. Tracks rune cooldown.


by Ereki. Moves the runes of your Death Knight to make them a HUD (Heads Up Display).


by Lane. A rune tracking AddOn.


by Dagma. A small rune tracking AddOn with rotation tracking.


by melzedan. Helps you find the artifact when surveying with the new archeology profession.


by Jordons. Removes the "Leave Queue" button for arenas and battlegrounds, prevents the popup from being closed by hitting the ESC key, adds a countdown timer to the popup, and more.


by jokeyrhyme. Keeps track of the instance IDs saved against your characters.

Say Hello Pyroblast/Soul Fire

by Strickt. When winding up a Pyroblast or Soul Fire, the audio clip from Tony Montana, "Say Hello to my little friend", is played.


by Longarms. Allows key bindings for an assortment of actions.


by ennuilg. Tracks Improved Scorch, Winter's Chill and Living Bomb on multiple mobs.


by Jaliborc. A junk auto-seller AddOn.


by Zax. Allows you to take advanced screen captures by hiding the whole main WoW interface (UI) - or only desired parts - and displaying a caption with some informations like location, player's name and date/time stamp.


by Gello. Allows you to use the /select command in a macro together with a list of items or spells. Right-clicking the macro brings up a menu where you can change the item or spell to use.


by Silmano, serox18. Allows you to more quickly sell certain items at vendors.


by CrazyBenny. Sells all junk in your inventory at once.


by Semicircle. Allows Blizzard frames and action bars to be moved.


by Tekky. Auto-replies to whispers the requested stats.

Serious Help In Timing

by Tharin2002. Helps with retribution paladin DPS rotation.

Server Hop

by Chronoexplosion. Allows you to find objectives for your achievements, collections and quests with drasticly increased speed.

SexyMap Tracker Button Fix (Minimap Button Frame)

by Zasurus. If you have used SexyMap and MinimapButtonFrame you will have realised that SexyMap won't let go of the Tracker Icon...well this fixes that!


by Mokhtar. Helps shadowpriests decide if recasting Shadow Word: Pain is worth it.

Shaman Warning

by Silmano. Plays a sound alert when you gain certain shaman buffs/special abilities.


by stassart. Goes through the combat logs and provides healing statistics and Healing Equivalency Points (HEP).


by BlueGlyph. Contains many useful functions for shamans of all specs.


by bmckay. A small addon that tracks the duration and charges of your Water, Lightning, and Earth Shields.


by shUI. An extremely light-weight data broker addons that monitors and displays time/date related information.


by Shestak. A modular, lightweight, all-in-one overhaul for the World of Warcraft interface.


by frenchie. Shows precisely how much more damage a shield can sustain before it fails.


by Protonium. Plays one of 3 sounds whenever lightning shield, water shield, or earth shield are removed from the player or the player's earth shield target.


by Xiiph. Colors the various stats of item tooltips (including the comparison tooltip).


by shUI. A light-weight and beautiful nameplate addon that works right out of the box!

ShockAndAwe (formerly DisqoDice)

by Pericles. Displays timer bars for Shocks, Stormstrike, Windfury (internal CD), Maelstrom Weapon, Lava Lash, Lava Burst, and your shield. It optionally shows number of orbs on left shield, stacks of MW, advises of next shock in rotation.


by Egrimm. Provides a couple of shorthand slash commands in order to reduce macro size, given the limit of 255 characters per macro.

shPerformance (fps/latency/memory)

by shUI. An LDB broker AddOn that displays FPS, latency and memory usage.


by Rabbit. Automatically blocks all whispers from people who are not in your guild or friends list, and sends them an automated reply.


by Kemayo. Remembers where you last saw a rare mob, and will pop up a notification message when you get near one.

Simple Action Sets

by Brodrick, Shuang. Save action bars as sets that can be swapped out.

Simple Threat Meter

by LCAmethyst. Allows you to quickly and reliably monitor your current threat, as opposed to complicated threat meters like Omen which show details you do not need.


by Daedhir. Draws 3D portraits for the player, target, focus, pet, and target of target units.


by schnoggo. Replaces the classic /assist macro.


by schnoggo. Creates a movable window that displays your character's location as coordinates. Allows you to enter coordinates and display them on the minimap.


by schnoggo. Creates a small, movable window showing your current money.


by Starinnia. Broadcasts information about your misdirection spell to other hunters with the AddOn.


by Brodrick. Displays a radial menu when the player Ctrl+LeftClicks on a unit to quickly set that unit's raid target icon.


by lieandswell. A compact, easily readable rune display for Death Knights.


by Stanzilla. Makes it easier to rebuff yourself.


by vaeyl. A nice Soulstone monitor.


by Rabbit. Designed to look like the oRA2 tank frames of yesteryear. Plugs directly into oRA3 to get a sorted list of main tanks.


by navv_, seriallos, Theck. Simplifies the process of generating a Simulationcraft profile for your character.

Skada Damage Meter

by Zarnivoop. A damage meter like Recount and Details, threat meter like Omen, and more, all in one. Includes dps, healing, and more.


by kerpow82. Lets you send fake achievements to other players. Only those with Skadoosh installed with be able to see the achievements.


by BarrensZeppelin. A Suicide Kings-based AddOn for managing and distributing loot under the SK ruleset.


by nogudnik. Skillet: A trade skill window replacement I currently do not have much time to work on Skillet, but I will try and get it working with the 3.0.2 patch and Wrath of the Lich King Skillet is a replacement for the default tradeskill and craft UI, and is based on ATSW, by Slarti.


by Nephaliana. Replaces the default 'skill increased' message with a more descriptive one.


by Jncl. Skinner changes the look of the default UI Please post all comments here Instructions Skinner has sub-directories, AddonSkins and SkinMe.


by alaerandir. Plays a sound and displays a message when a warrior receives the instant Slam! buff.


by cgiguy, Linguine, Herdentier, rtomson. Provides timer bars, stat displays, and audio notifications to assist in maximizing Rogue DPS.


by websterc87. Adds an extra tab to the Auction House window, showing the profits that can be made from various trade skills.

Smart Screenshot

by eviloz. Allows quick creation of clean screenshots, removing names on players and the whole UI, restoring it quick after.


by Aeldra. Cast the most important buffs on you or party/raid members/pets. Use /sbm for options menu.


by Aeldra. Helps you cast debuffs.


by akazik, Tiger79. Allows you to use one key to mount and dismount all of your mounts.


by Jpapertowels. Provides warriors with suggestions on which abilities to use to maximize their DPS.


by shadowtreedruid. Plays the Super Mario Brothers I underground music when entering The Underbelly in Dalaran.


by CodeRedLin. A LibDataBroker friend/guild list in one.

SOK Loot Manager

by Nirrudn. A custom loot handling AddOn for the 'Sterling Order of Knights' guild.


by Sinkissed. Allows you to play WoW using your Xbox 360 controller. Requires additional software to function.

Spam Eraser

by Rygarth. Erases any line of text in the trade channel that has the words 'murloc', 'norris' or 'www' anywhere in it.


by merah. Lightweight spam protection system.


by Octane666. Intelligently detects, blocks and reports commercial and annoying spam messages before you even see them.


by Orukxu. Filters trade and other channels so that any individual message is only displayed once.


by wutname1. An alternative cleaner user interface.


by rismisner. Announces the use of spells and other abilities in the chat using random speeches.


by Lombra. Displays a small frame that shows your current movement speed, and optionally, pitch.


by BigRedBrent. Contains the button flashing functionality for SpellFlash.


by Kouri. Shakes the screen when you interrupt a spell.


by conundrum4000. Pops up a small frame with a list of stealable buffs on your current target.

SplitItems (On-The-Fly)

by xhatix. Enables you to change the amount you want to split by using your mouse-wheel.

SplitItems (On-The-Fly) Merchant

by xhatix. Enables you to change the amount you want to buy by using your mouse-wheel.

Spoils of War

by INSOMNIAX. A simple Loot Browser.


by tobiasludwig. Rotates your gathering spells automatically in a short period of time.


by immolation. Scans for enemy players and announces their presence when they are detected.


by fa3sr011. A simple square map interface.


by carbuncles. A mount management AddOn.


by Djuice. Searches each of your bags and stacks items together.


by ElCodeMonkey, Xemnosyst. For Brewmasters: View your Staggering Damage in many different ways.


by starlon. Tooltips from outer space.

Stat Priority

by Vampyr78. Displays stats priority above character frame. Priorities are based on those on icy-veins.


by nyenyec1. Displays your relevant combat stats on screen all the time in a non-interrupting way.


by GopherYerguns. Displays status information in a movable HUD.

Steal, Purge & Dispel

by Istaran. Provides several tools to help you achieve efficient offensive dispel of your target and your focus.


by totalpackage. Modifies the default action bars.


by bigwoo. A unit frame AddOn with the intent of allowing a user to customize their interface with the smallest possible footprint.

Stone Guard Taunt Cues

by mynameisforeal. Simple frame displaying text cues for tank swaps on the Stone Guard encounter in Mogu'shan Vaults.

Storm, Earth, and Fire

by eridius. Tracks your Storm, Earth, and Fire guardians and warns you when you're attacking their target.


by Compost. Provides timers for Arms Warriors, and a handy priority icon.

Stuf Unit Frames (was StellarUF)

by totalpackage. Custom unit frames AddOn.

Suki's MiniMap Coords

by Atsuki. Displays your current coordinates on the minimap.

Sunn - Art Pack 1

by Sunn. Optional art pack for SunnArt (Sunn - Viewport art).

Sunn - Art Pack 10

by Sunn. Optional art pack for SunnArt (Sunn - Viewport art).

Sunn - Art Pack 11

by Sunn. Optional art pack for SunnArt (Sunn - Viewport art).

Sunn - Art Pack 2

by Sunn. Optional art pack for SunnArt (Sunn - Viewport art).

Sunn - Art Pack 3

by Sunn. Optional art pack for SunnArt (Sunn - Viewport art).

Sunn - Art Pack 4

by Sunn. Optional art pack for SunnArt (Sunn - Viewport art).

Sunn - Art Pack 5

by Sunn. Optional art pack for SunnArt (Sunn - Viewport art).

Sunn - Art Pack 6

by Sunn. Optional art pack for SunnArt (Sunn - Viewport art).

Sunn - Art Pack 7 (Alliance)

by Sunn. Optional art pack for SunnArt (Sunn - Viewport art).

Sunn - Art Pack 8 (Horde)

by Sunn. Optional art pack for SunnArt (Sunn - Viewport art).

Sunn - Art Pack 9

by Sunn. Optional art pack for SunnArt (Sunn - Viewport art).

Sunn - Viewport Art

by Sunn. Allows you to change the size of the rendered world area (viewport) and adds textured artwork in the non-rendered areas.

SunnArt Launcher

by Sunn. Creates a DataBroker launcher for Sunn - Viewport Art.

Super Mario World, of Warcraft (SDSP)

by BigRedBrent. Adds some familiar sounds to the game.

Super-Duper Sound Pack (SDSP) Engine

by BigRedBrent. Adds sounds to the game from compatible sound packs.


by janniie. Assists in inviting new members to a guild.


by claycle. A zero-sum based system for distributing loot in raid instances. Designed to fairly distribute loot by allowing the raiders themselves to set the value of items dropped in raids.


by Shefki. Makes keyboard bindings for moving the camera


by Genrall. Automatically changes your tabard and your gear based on your current zone, group, or dungeon.


by smccandl. Keeps track of the tabards your character has equipped, for the achievements "Ten Tabards" and "Twenty Five Tabards".


by tjugan. Whenever someone whispers you, this AddOn will create a new Blizzard default chat frame tab and dock it, showing the whisper conversation with that player.


by Veev. Automatically changes your tab key binding to only target enemy players when in PvP zones, and to target all enemies when not.


by Zaman. Stores and sending tactics and other messages to the party, raid, battleground, channel # or say channels.


by Jerry. A replacement to the default Talent UI, with a lot of added features.


by funkjedi. Automates NPC interactions making accepting and turning in quests simple.

Tanaan Objectives

by q3fuba. Adds 12 possible icons to the Tanaan Jungle area map.


by eviloz. Warns paladins if they have no crusader aura when entering combat.


by conundrum4000, mexicangangsta16. A basic tanking assistant AddOn for use with Warriors, Druids and Death Knights.


by Whitetooth. TankPoints 2.0 - A benchmark for survivalbility gear About TankPoints TankPoints was created to help myself compare different pieces of tanking gear, because it was difficult to decided at a glance like whether 12 defense is better then 1 dodge.

Target Class Icon

by Montinevra. Adds class, creature type and faction info to the target frame.

Target For Me 2

by LCAmethyst. Allows the player to use a single macro to perform the majority of targetting requirements on all boss fights.

Target Health Percent

by subwired. Shows the percentage of health that your current target has.


by Sonora. Provides unit frames that track tanks and main assists in your party or raid, along with their current targets.


by keegander. A floating frame for easily assigning raid icons.

Taunt Tattle

by casualcorps. Prints to your default chat frame any taunts that are issued nearby you.


by trrecordings. A threat-management AddOn. It automatically displays a button/healthbar for every member of your party or raid.


by Shefki. Provides an alternative bag and bank interface.


by orbenn, lieandswell, Cybeloras. Provides a flexible system of icons for displaying vital information about cooldowns, buffs, debuffs, and reactive abilities, in a consistent place on your screen.


by belleboom. An event tracker that will watch for a given event and pop up a warning in chat or on screen. It is similar to SCT or EavesDrop, but lets you spam customized events to the channel of your choice.


by thek. Enables a short Blizzard action bar, with some additional features.


by Lombra. Hides the reagent number for when you have a glyph that removes reagent requirement.

Thogar Assist

by Elvador, Stanzilla. Displays incoming trains in the Thogar encounter.

Threat Plates

by suicidalkatt. Allows you to customize your nameplates.

Tidy Plates

by danltiger. Enhances World of Warcraft's nameplates (ie. floating health bars) and provides a built-in API which can be used to create your own design.

Tidy Threat

by danltiger. A threat monitor which is simple enough for a novice to understand, yet powerful enough for a tank.


by Chrippa. Tidies your minimap by moving all the custom buttons into it's own frame.

Timeless Answers

by dragoonreas. Auto-completes the 'A Timeless Question' daily quest on the Timeless Isle.


by Gello. Provides an in-game notepad.


by Quaiche. A simple tooltip repositioning AddOn.


by Aezay. Tooltip enhancement addon.


by trookat. Records zones, mobs and drop rates of items. Shows drop rates on mob tooltips, and top drops on item tooltips.


by gekko513. Tracks loot priority tokens for a guild that wants a simply way of making sure loot is distributed more evenly among its members without using a complicated DKP system.


by skrulladams. Aids roleplayers in with the ability to speak in 'languages' other than those enabled by Blizzard (for example: Dark Iron, Demonic, Elemental, Druidic, etc). Translates your text in /say, /party, /raid, /guild and /yell to a specified user-defined language. This translation occurs before the text enters Blizzard's language functions.


by dax006. Allows for different profiles of AddOns.

Total RP 3

by kajisensei, EllypseCelweBelore. A roleplaying addon allowing you to customize your characters and companions (battle pets, pets and mounts) with a powerful profile system.


by Jumpee. Frees up 24 action buttons by putting 24 totem spells in a box with 4 rows of 6 buttons.


by EasySham@terenasEU. Allows you to see all the totems dropped, totems you are being buffed by and check for missing totems.

TotemManager (was Chaman2)

by Lhooq. Helps you to manage your totems, earth shield, elementals shields, weapons buffs.


by Xianghar. Melki's Totem Timers w/ Totem Expiration


by Anyia3. Track-o-Matique Automatic tracking of the current target's creature type.


by networkerror. Allows you to filter unwanted terms from the Trade, General, LookingForGroup, Say and Yell channels.


by brightatlantis. Allows players and guilds to share their tradeskills on

Tradeskill HD

by Drac86. Improves the TradeSkill Frame for higher resolutions and widescreen displays.

Tradeskill Profit Maximization

by cyreb. Utilizes Auctioneer scan data to calculate the total Market Value of TradeSkill items that can be crafted.


by tardmrr. Adds spellbook-like tabs to the TradeSkillFrame.

Train Conductor

by casualcorps. This is a simple addon to monitor the combat log and notify you of who is using their Toy Train Set.


by BDelacroix. Puts all your hunter traps on their own frame, saving room on action button bars.


by Malex. A mage utility for those who wish to sell ports for gold. It sits in the background and monitors the channels you've joined and notifies you when someone is asking for a port.


by Snuff. A simple and lightweight AddOn design for Shamans.

Tricks Helper

by Myster. Intelligently creates and self modifies a Tricks of the Trade macro for easy control of your Tricks of the Trade ability.


by Le_Vagabond. Short, silly addon written mostly for my guild's hunters. Type /tr to show the button, click on it to select a random raid member and it will autohide. Then do whatever you want with the target.


by Gello. AddOn to manage trinkets


by Ziz, Dridzt. Allows the user to host quiz games for other players.


by Matt646. Adds slash commands and key bindings for whispering and re-whispering your current target.


by Tukz. A clean user interface for World of Warcraft.


by Tuller. Adds out of range coloring to action buttons.

TuringTest Leech Monitor

by Phobia. Automatically reports all AFKers and leechers in battlegrounds.

Turn In

by SabinDeus. Automates the clicking of Quests and NPC Gossip dialogues.


by Gnutelbit. Comes with features that help users who play 2 characters at the same time.

Tyra Misdirect

by ap0calips. Gives you up to 10 macros (/cast [target=] Misdirection), each containing a list of other players from which you can set as the target of the macro.