Latest World of Warcraft AddOns for Patch 10.x

WowMatrix saves you hours of time. Before opening World of Warcraft, just fire up WowMatrix and let it update your WoW AddOns quickly and safely.

Here are some of the WoW AddOns supported by WowMatrix, with more being added daily:


by Khaalk. Provides a very basic moveable Holy Power display.


by Coren. Allows you to keep track of people you've played with.


by Karnifex. Keeps you from looting the stuff you don't really want.


by Ketho. Shows and announces combat events.


by Tipsy13, jamrom8187. Allow streamers and their viewer to play mythic + dungeons together.


by kagaro. Create panels for customizing your UI, sucessor to eePanels Wiki and FAQ Sample Scripts OnClick now provides a pressed and released variable you can check for.

Kharthus's Hunter Timers

by Kharthus. Times hunter buffs/debuffs.


by Chexsum. Announces consecutive killing blows audibly and visually.


by aktlingit. Shows number of mob kills needed to level.


by zwarmapapa. Shows a message and plays a sound when you get a killing blow.


by zwarmapapa. Sound files for Killshot.


by Shave Mad Ox. Rogue and Druid Cat Form addon that utilizes cooldown animation to determine when spell or macro will have enough energy.

KonferSK (Suicide Kings)

by Cruciformer. Implements the Suicide Kings loot distribution system.

Kong Automatic UI Hider

by xentaros. Fades out elements of the user interface (Minimap, PlayerFrame, Recount, etc.) and automatically shows them again when moused-over, entering combat, or any of several other user-specified conditions are met.


by Kataris. Adds a coordinate system into the worldmap, the minimap, to the partymember portraits and into a separate, dragable mini-window.


by Katae. Simple, low profile addon for quickly restacking your bags, bank, or guild vault inventory items automatically, keeping them nice and tidy.

Last Second Diminishing Returns Display

by Predatoria. Shows all relevant DR timers on yourself, your party members, all arena opponents, your current target, and your focus.


by another. Shows last damage/heal done by spell as button's text. If you miss DrDamage, try this.


by Zynaga. Allows easier hiding of error messages using macros.


by Cralor. Pops up a reminder when you go AFK. The message frame has a button which will remove AFK status if clicked.


by LazyBoot. Allows you to bind keys to send messages to specific channels.


by Shackleford. Threat module for Broker displays.


by Vashen. Displays names, levels, locations of the online in-game friends and RealID friends.


by Jamash. When you learn a new ability, or a new rank of an existing ability, Learning Aid pops up a window with the new ability icon in it, ready to be dragged to your Action Bar.

Level Revealer

by Zasurus. Prevents the rested or combat icons from blocking the display of your current level next to your picture in the top left corning.

LFG Call to Arms Broker

by eridius. A LibDataBroker plugin that displays the current LFG Call to Arms status.


by gizel. Scans a party or raid and assigns roles based on their specializations.


by Rabbit. LifePercent is a small "utility" that, on login, will tell you how many percent of your life you've spent in-game in the following format: You have spent Y% (X% since release) of your life in-game, divided among Z character(s) on A realm(s).

Lightwell Buddy

by nothingsknower, Choonster. Allows you to personalize and randomize announcements for when someone uses your lightwell, wastes your lightwell, or when your lightwell has sat idle, expires or is summoned.


by jerry. Allows for multiple tooltips to be shown at a time for items, spells and achievements.


by LiquidProjects. A data-broker plug-in that adds up all of the items in your inventory & bank to retrieve a Wealth total.


by boomboo. A simple Living Bomb monitor. It creates a bar per Living Bomb on a target.


by Saur. Allows in-game management of your addons. Using LoadIT, you can enable, disable, and load addons during gameplay.


by bilalakil. Shows the coordinates of you and any targeted party or raid member, and your cursor position on the world map. Alt+Click to drag.


by dobbz. Quickly view instance data by typing /lockout

Loot Master +1 Counter System

by Adabard. Assists loot masters with counting for the +1 system.


by kergoth. Displays your loot (money and items) messages in a scrolling text addon.


by filiassin. Adds loot information to item tooltips. Shows in which instance and by which boss an item drops. Includes droprate, items gained for honor, arena points, badges of justice or spirit shards.


by EVmaker. Automatically loots items obtained via crafting.


by Meter. Lets you loot only certain items. Filters by quality, item name and item value, and helps you keep your inventory clean.


by Razyel. Tracks rolls which are made with '/random' and sorts them, allowing raid leaders to announce roll winners quickly and easily.


by Telo. Gives you a browseable and searchable in game item database that records every item that you come across in game.


by Mackenz. A loot rolling interface that allows you to call for and capture loot roll, arbitrate ties and announce winner(s).


by Rufftran. Aids roleplayers in with the ability to speak in 'languages' other than those enabled by Blizzard (for example: Dark Iron, Demonic, Elemental, Druidic, etc). Translates your text in /say, /party, /raid, /guild and /yell to a specified user-defined language. This translation occurs before the text enters Blizzard's language functions.


by Kouri. Makes it easy to see the duration of crowd control spells on your character.

Low Memory Chat

by Jaliborc. A lightweight chat mod.

LUI Core

by chaoslux, Loui. A next generation World of Warcraft User Interface dedicated to replace the standard Blizzard UI.

LunaEclipse's Custom Ovale Scripts

by LunaEclipse, svurg. A set of scripts that use the SimCraft APL as a base and are then tweaked with extra information provided by Mythic raiders, such as in guides.

LunaEclipse: Rotation Helper

by LunaEclipse, svurg. Provides rotation suggestions for various classes. Requires WeakAuras to be installed.


by MoongazeMods. Adds a sphere to the screen that is very customizable to suit the user's needs.

Macro Toolkit

by Deepac. Enhances the built-in macro feature.


by Zaman. Helps the user write conditional macros using only the mouse.

Mage Nuggets

by b_buck. A utility with many useful nuggets to make the lives of mages easier.


by KCmilam. A quick and small buff notification add-on for mages.


by andywagner59. Helps you identify zones visited/not visited to help you complete the "Visited Whole World" achievement.


by dhedbor. A set of bars displaying rune cooldowns.


by neotron. A simple set of frames that shows the current targets of the members raid or party. It's meant primarily for use in raiding to keep track of all the mobs currently engaged in combat.


by eddie2. Keep your bags clean and only loot the things you want.

Mail Notifier

by Jaliborc. Detects when you receive new mail and alerts you about it.


by bc3. Restores the known autocompletion of player names written into sendmail box.


by Zerotorescue. Uses Postal to automatically open all your mail from your mailbox and check for new mail every few seconds.


by LStranger. Mail management and tracking.


by gunboat. When your inventory is full, pops up a window with the least valuable grey items in it.


by partouf. Gives a warning every now and then when you reach a certain level of Mana during combat.


by urmelus. Shows cursor/player coords on worldmap and shows coords below your portrait and your party members portrait (use "/mc player" and "/mc wc" to enable)


by Cortello, Telic. Adds a note system to the WorldMap - other AddOns can also now 'Plug In' and allow notes to be made on their frames e.g. AlphaMap


by Mundocani. Changes the standard round minimap into a square minimap, and adds a few features.


by Nevcairiel. Enhances the world map. Similar to the now-defunct Cartographer AddOn.

MarioFX (SDSP)

by BigRedBrent. MarioFX sound pack.

Market Watcher

by Torrid. Scans the auction house and records data for specified items and assists in daily auction house shopping in general.

Marking Bar

by silentstone7. Helps players use raid markers in parties and raids.

Masque (was ButtonFacade)

by StormFX. Allows for the dynamic skinning of button-based AddOns.


by StormFX. A skin for Masque.


by StormFX. A skin for Masque.


by Daedhir. A skin for Masque that looks very much like the original Blizzard buttons, but more polished and with a nice drop shadow.


by StormFX. A skin for Masque.


by StormFX. A skin for Masque that will add some custom button styles to the supported action bars. This skin is a conversion from the original cyCircled skin.


by StormFX. A skin for Masque.


by StormFX. A skin for Masque.


by StormFX. A skin for Masque.


by Maul. A skin for Masque.

Master Loot Manager Remix

by Zernin. Designed to aid in the master looting process.

MaxDps Death Knight

by Kaminaris. Death Knight module for MaxDps.

MaxDps Demon Hunter

by Kaminaris. Demon Hunter module for MaxDps.

MaxDps Druid

by Kaminaris. Druid module for MaxDps.

MaxDps Hunter

by Kaminaris. Hunter module for MaxDps.

MaxDps Mage

by Kaminaris. Mage module for MaxDps.

MaxDps Monk

by Kaminaris. Monk module for MaxDps.

MaxDps Paladin

by Kaminaris. Paladin module for MaxDps.

MaxDps Priest

by Kaminaris. Priest module for MaxDps.

MaxDps Rogue

by Kaminaris. Rogue module for MaxDps.

MaxDps Rotation Helper

by Kaminaris. Highlights spells on action bars to assist with maximizing DPS output. Requires class-specific addon modules.

MaxDps Shaman

by Kaminaris. Shaman module for MaxDps.

MaxDps Warlock

by Kaminaris. Warlock module for MaxDps.

MaxDps Warrior

by Kaminaris. Warrior module for MaxDps.


by Pericles. Gathers up all your buttons on your minimap and puts them into a single button.


by Mizukichan. Takes screenshots when you reach various milestones with your characters.


by TiaLynn. Assists with managing and summoning companions and mounts.


by Shalalah / Menschenjäger (Aman'Thul). Alerts guildmates who have this addon when a guildmate levels.


by Nuckin. Heads Up Display.


by mbanks850 (original: MetaHawk). MetaMap adds many enhancements to the WoW WorldMap.


by elchefe. An all-in-one Shadow Priest AddOn including dot timers and cooldown monitoring.


by schr0nz. Declines duel requests.


by Mikord. Scrolls battle information around the character model.

Mini TrinketMenu

by Gello. Pops out a menu of trinkets when you mouseover a macro that contains "#show 13" or "#show 14".


by Tearstar. Shows a 3D model of your target.


by Gibble. View all your artifacts progress, and solve them in one compact frame.


by whizkid. A collection of miscellaneous UI tweaks and automations for building a minimal UI with minimal addons or using as the core of a compilatiom.


by Bachlott. Gathers up your addon minimap buttons and puts them into a frame.


by Nirriti. Hide the + and - zoom buttons and zoom using the mouse wheel.

MinnaStats Damage Meters

by RobertJ. Tracks damage done with minimal CPU impact.

Minutiae (Automation)

by INSOMNIAX. Automates certain tasks, such as repairs your gear, selling junk items, and releasing your spirit when you die in a battleground.


by Nomaglir. Performs various automated tasks such as rolling greed on or disenchating blues and greens.


by Deepac, Gabriel. Intelligently creates and self modifies your misdirection / tricks of the trade macro for easy control of your misdirection / tricks of the trade ability.


by Aezay. Lets you know who exactly has been removed from your friend's list if a character no longer exists.


by Nate. Interactive chat spell-checker.


by Speeddymon, Brandmauer, Speedwaystar, Skeeve. Adds new information to the game's Tooltip whenever you hover with your mouse over a mob.


by Rabbit. MobNotes is a small database of useful notes for NPCs.


by Aelobin, Lombra. An in-game catalogue of transmogrification items with the aim of helping players build their own sets.


by p3lim. Simply -click on the stack of herbs you want to mill, or ores you want to prospect.


by conner686. Reminds you to turn on/off Aspect of the Viper depending on your mana level.


by Jim-Bim. Allows you to easily configure your MonkeyMods with a nice config window.


by Jim-Bim. Displays the current time in a nice dragable frame.


by Jim-Bim. Displays your quests for quick viewing. (


by Jim-Bim. Displays your player's current speed as a percentage of run speed.


by Xianghar. Shows cooldowns and buffs for all Monk specializations.


by Contiki. Strips the guild and system message of the day from your chat frame. Messages of the day are only shown if they've changed since your last login.


by Vaklavvilja. Randomize which companion you will call each time you mount up.


by toomy. Help with summoning a random mount from a predefined favorite list.


by Kezmdor. Provides key bindings for summoning and unsummoning random, preferred and ground mounts.


by GovtGeek. Allows simple random mounting using area appropriate conditions. Can be bound to a key or used in a macro (/mountrandom).

Mouse Look Lock

by Trimble Epic. Provides two switches to 'lock' the game client into mouselook mode without having to hold down the right mouse button.

Movable Holy Power

by eviloz. Helps you track your holy power, moving (and improving) the graphics.


by Kossorri. Unlocks the standard bag positions and allows you to place them wherever you like on your screen. It will remember the last position the bag was placed at when closed and open in that same location.


by kolenka. A Tradeskill window replacement, with additional features to streamline how you interact with others for your tradeskills, especially if you have alts.


by mrtime. A group of useful and not-so-useful AddOns.


by Herrmann, Tom. Adds a "target of mouseover" frame. The "mouseover" is the unit who is under your mouse-cursor.


by eviloz. Provides you with a movable panel with several sets, each made of 1 to 12 configurable buttons.


by dlui. Automatically takes a screenshot (with interface) whenever you kill a boss, gain an achievement or level up.


by DigitalSorceress. A set of tools aimed at Multi Boxers and friends who group up and quest together.


by trysor. An in-game MP3 player.


by luijk. A spell recommendation AddOn for Mutilate Rogues.

My Garrisons

by Endar_Ren. Keeps track of all the garrisons for every character you have.


by allenwc. Displays your current BG score in a little window that you place where you want it.


by smokey019. An LB broker plugin to keep track of honor and conquest points.


by ShinaaWoW. Helps you keep track of which rares you have killed in Warlords of Draenor, as well as the locations of the ones remaining.


by Etarna. Allows you to add role play specific features about your character that other users of MyRolePlay can see.


by WildCat-Man. Displays character stats, stat changes, and combat stats.


by allenwc. Displays your basic combat stats in a chat window.

Mythic Dungeon Tools

by Nnogga, dradux. Helps you plan out your strategies and pull patterns in Mythic+ dungeons.


by nograrder0. Shows custom nameplates.


by Drool. Tracks the precise arrival & departure schedules of boats and Zeppelins around Azeroth and displays them on the Mini-Map and World Map in real-time.


by gramg. Guild recruitment AddOn.


by Luxie. Enhances the built-in nameplates. Originally based on Tidy Plates.

Necrosis LdC

by Lomig. Shard managment UI.


by lieandswell. Monitor important information without cluttering your screen.


by Mikma. Colors Chatinput and Chatborder to match the chat you are about to write.

Nephilist: Garrison

by lieandswell. Improves the interface for missions and followers.


by Montyburns. Contains 8 additional fonts for your leet damage!


by billtopia, MjRed. Scans incoming chat messages and alerts you when they contain one of your character names or nicknames that you set up.

Niggles: Pet Teams

by HunterNief. Adds the ability to create an unlimited number of Battle Pet teams, which are displayed within the standard Blizzard Pet Journal.


by Neal, ballagarba. Makes the default main menubar smaller and skins the actionbar buttons.


by CrazyBenny. Changes your title on specified events.


by ubermikeleet. Disables the glow around action bar buttons for spell procs, like Sword and Board. Use the slash command "/nbg" or "/nobuttonglow" to enable/disable the glow.


by Farmbuyer. Changes several of the popup dialogs to not close when hitting the Escape key.


by Ghettogreen. Controls which effect buffs are applied when using Noggenfogger Elixirs. When disabled effects are cast, they will be automatically removed from you character.


by wolvereness. Customizes or blanks out the experience bar.


by Kring. Makes it less likely that you will get Oculus assigned as a random dungeon.


by AJH16, Telic, orgevo. In-game searchable note pad.


by Saiket. Scans NPCs around you for rare ones.


by neuron2. Questing minion


by d87. A class resource tracking AddOn.


by d87. Shows rogue energy anywhere and updates it every X points (default: 5; can be set back to 1)


by d87. Auto-summons one of your mini pets when you start moving.


by d87. Mounts your flying mounts in Northrend and Outland and ground mounts otherwise.


by d87. Tracker for DoTs, HoTs, Cooldowns and other auras for all classes including DK


by K. Scott Piel. A user-interface replacement AddOn.


by merak69. An action bar in the shape of a numpad. It works like a built-in action bar such as the Bottom Right ActionBar, for example. You can drag actions and macros into and out of NumPadBar, just like other action bars.

Nurfed UI

by Tivoli. A custom user interface for World of Warcraft.

O Item Level (OiLvL)

by olzenkhaw. Shows each item's item level in the character and inspection windows. Also shows the item levels of all members of the party or raid.


by haste. Makes it easier and faster to enchant temporary enchants on your weapons.


by GraemeF. Announces party/raid member deaths, whodunnit, and how.


by DonaldSerrot. takes the character voice clips from Capcom's Ace Attorney game series and adds them to World of Warcraft with emotes to go along with them.

Objective Announcer

by bantou. Announces completed quest objectives to yourself, party, raid, guild or officers, as they are completed, and may include a quest link and additional quest info.


by haste. Adds a colored border to your items, indicating quality.


by Silvas. OgriLazy: Memory span of a goldfish + Apexis Relics = No problem!


by Cargor. Improves the handling of battleground queues.


by Gathirer. A scalable, moveable, transparent WorldMap that the user can have on screen while they continue to play and interact with the world. Based on the old AlphaMap.


by Cidrei. Removes the "additional instances could not be launched" and replaces it with a running tally of how many times you've tried to get in.


by Jordons. Tracks enemy cooldowns.


by Tuller. Cooldown count for everything.


by Kring. Opens all of your bags when you visit a vendor, bank, auction house, mailbox, or trade with another player.


by Vrul. Provides options for changing the default appearance and behavior of Blizzard's container frames (opened bags).


by vancleef. An addon for warriors and druids and paladins. Informs you and your party/raid if your taunt/mocking blow/growl/righteous defense was resisted.


by Aelobin. Automatically tracks Oregorger's location during each roll phase to determine which paths are safe and which are dangerous.


by haste. A unit frame framework. This add-on will do nothing just by itself, a layout is required.


by Kyron. Custom layout for oUF.


by Ammo. Adds Debuff Highlighting to the oUF unitframes.


by Quaiche. A custom layout for oUF.


by Saiket. An element plug-in for Haste's oUF unit frame framework that fades unit frames when out of casting range.

Ouro Vent

by Farmbuyer. Looks up your guild's voice chat connection settings and prints it out on (for example) raid chat.


by Mundocani. Outfit management.


by Celendus. Reads in your DKP from your officer note and displays it on screen.

Ovale Spell Priority

by Sidoine, Furism. Shows you what spell you should cast in order to maximize your damage.