Solving Connection Problems: If WowMatrix is Unable to Connect to the Internet

IMPORTANT: There should be no need to disable your firewall or open any ports, since WowMatrix does not listen on any ports. Disabling an existing firewall or opening new ports could create unnecessary security risks.

Just allowing WowMatrix to connect to the Internet (if prompted by your Internet security software) should normally be sufficient. WowMatrix uses simple outgoing HTTP connections (just like web browsers such as FireFox and Safari).

If you still keep getting an error message stating that WowMatrix is unable to connect to the Internet whenever you try to open it, here are some things to try:

  • Try checking the settings of your Internet security software and see if it is blocking WowMatrix from performing outgoing connections to the Internet. If so, remove the block(s).
  • Try disabling your proxy settings completely (including any sort of automatic proxy configuration).
  • Try resetting the firmware of your router (especially if you use a LinkSys router).

The above solutions have worked for users who had previously experienced this issue.

Happy gaming!