Anti-Virus False Positive Message

Depending on the anti-virus software you are running, it may be reporting by mistake that some kind of virus, trojan or keylogger is being associated with WowMatrix, due to fake copycat sites (read on for more details).

First of all we can confirm that there are no viruses, trojans or keyloggers in legitimate copies of WowMatrix downloaded from our original website. All legitimate copies of WowMatrix are 100% safe.

Please note that our original and 100% safe website is at:

Most likely your anti-virus software is confused because there are other harmful programs (deliberately using the same name 'WowMatrix.exe' for obvious reasons) which can be downloaded from fake copycat websites that are made to look exactly like our original website.

The Chinese-owned fake copycat websites containing harmful downloads have been known to operate at similar but incorrect web addresses such as:
(extra 'h' and switched 'tr')
(note the extra 'z')
(note the extra 'f')
(note the 'n' instead of 'm')
(note the extra 'l')
(note the extra 'u')
(note the extra 'a')
(note the extra 'm')
(note the extra 'c')
(note the extra 'i')
(note the 'z' instead of 'x')
(note the extra 'o')

There are many more of such harmful fake sites, so please double-check the web address in your browser bar to be sure.

We've contacted the relevant hosting companies and authorities to shut down the fake websites, and most of them seem to be offline at this time. For your own safety, please do not download anything from the fake websites should they go back online (which they do from time to time).

If you've only downloaded WowMatrix from our original website, or via a reputable website such as CNET's, then there is nothing to worry about and you may safely ignore the false positive warning and unblock WowMatrix using your anti-virus software.

We also highly recommend that you report this issue to your anti-virus software company, so that they can correct this mistake at their end.

Happy Gaming!