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by nconantj, smariot, zorbathut, nesher, vipersniper

QuestHelper is a WoW AddOn that integrates a list of waypoints for quests listed in the quest log into the world map.

The AddOn aids in completing quests in the shortest amount of time by minimizing the walking distance between quests when following the waypoints displayed on your world map.

QuestHelper currently survives on donations. If you use and like QuestHelper, please help support its development by making a donation:

In-Game Commands:
- /qh - Displays a list of command options.
- /qh settings - Displays the Questhelper settings menu.
- /qh hidden - Displays a list of hidden objectives.
- /qh ants - Toggles the option to enable the ant trails which are displayed between waypoints.
- /qh purge - Removes all your quest data from QuestHelper.
- /qh hardreset - Reset all QuestHelper settings. Try this if QuestHelper doesn't seem to be working properly.
- /qh hide - Toggles the option to enable Questhelper's minimap arrow and addon icons and paths on the world map.

QuestHelper Button Not Showing Up on World Map?
This is normal with some versions of QuestHelper, and is caused by a conflict with an in-game button. This issue will be resolved by the author via a future update. In the meantime, please use the following in-game command which will achieve the same purpose:

/qh settings

QuestHelper Stopped Working?
Try the following step-by-step guide, which has helped many:

  1. Close WoW if it is still open
  2. Open WowMatrix
  3. Wait for it to finish scanning
  4. Right-click on 'QuestHelper' in 'My Installed AddOns'
  5. Select 'Reset In-Game Settings'
  6. Open WoW
  7. Stop at character selection screen
  8. Click red 'AddOns' button at lower-left corner
  9. Make sure 'QuestHelper' has a gold ticked checkbox
  10. Click 'Okay'
  11. Log into your character and enjoy!

Still Having Problems?
Try the following in-game commands in this order (stop at the step that fixes the problem for you):

/qh hide

(if it says 'QuestHelper is now hidden', then please type it again)

/qh level +5
/qh filter level
/qh hardreset

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